15 points Battle Plan to fix Local Government: BLF 2021 LGE Manifesto launch

15 points Battle Plan to fix Local Government: BLF 2021 LGE Manifesto launch

Address on ‘the 15 points Battle Plan to fix Local Government’ delivered by the President of BLF Andile Mngxitama on 15 May 2021 at the DOCC in Orlando East in Soweto on the occasion of the organisation’s 2021 Local Government Elections manifesto (Battle Plan) launch.

May we rise to remember all those who have passed on. We remember all the victms of neglect; we remember the thousands who died from Covid-19; we remember our brother Shonisani Lethole who was starved to death in hospital; we remember Mthokozisi Ntumba murdered for free education; we remember Matlhomola Mosoue murdered for taking sunflowers; we remember the Coka brothers, Mgcini and Zenzele, killed in daylight in Pampoenkraal farm in Mpumalanga.

It’s my honour to present the 15 point Battle Plan to fix our Local Government.

I have also listened carefully to the messages of solidarity given today. We take up the call of Comrade Godi for a united front. We shall be convening meetings to ensure that we take these conversations further. Black unity is paramount.

I must also reflect on the fact that one of our leaders, Comrade Sibonelo Zuma, the leader of Extension 10 in Orange Farm, was early Thursday morning abducted violently from his home by white policemen. Since then we have searched for him and the police would not tell the truth. His family has not seen him and we don’t know what is his state.

We call on the ANC goverment to stop using the state against citizens. Comrade Zuma is the leader of Extension 10 in Orange Farm and no one and nothing can change that. He is standing as a candidate, whether in jail or out!

We must also note that the SABC has decided to join the white monopoly capital media and shut us down! This is part of the war against Black First Land First.

We are today presenting a plan to rescue ourselves. The 15 point Battle Plan is a Shield. It’s a road map to transform the Local Government and make it an instrument of the people instead of being a tool for stealing and brutalizing the people.

All these parties that have had representation and have even been governing the Local Municipality, have no plan or temperament to serve black people.

We now say, let’s take power from these crooks and let’s use it to serve the people.

We are at war! Right now black people do not have their party in government. Whites have their parties and even NGOs. That’s why they fear BLF so much.

We present this Battle Plan on the birthday of the great James Sofasonke Mpanza, the father of Soweto and Orlando Pirates.

The 15 points Battle Plan to fix the Local Goverment!

  1. Employ all the unemployed graduates in the city, half the unemployment rate in 5 years, and insource all jobs in the city/municipality

A Black First Land First (BLF) controlled municipality shall pass a by-law that compels both the Local Municipality and the businesses within the municipality to employ graduates. No one shall hold a post matric qualification and stay home. Furthermore, the Municipality shall be compelled by by-law to reduce the unemployment rate by half in 5 years. In this regard, yearly targets would be set. All municipality jobs shall be insourced and no labour brokering shall be allowed in the city.

  1. Stop ALL evictions of the poor; end water and electricity cut-offs for household use

A BLF controlled municipality shall pass a by-law to stop all forced evictions, whether by court order or otherwise. Where removal of people is necessary it shall be done through dialogue, consultation and persuasion. Desperate people are not criminals. Water and electricity are not commodities and must be provided to the citizens for free for household needs. Multiple measures shall be implemented to realise this objective, including alternative energy sources.

  1. Give land to the landless and municipality land to the church

All land within the municipality shall be made available to the people. Where people have already occupied land illegally, their situations shall be treated as emergencies and to this end means to regularise the relevant settlements shall be implemented. Congested spaces shall be decongested. Where necessary, to respond to housing needs land shall be allocated on serviced sites.

Land shall be allocated to all the churches that need land based on an agreed criteria with the faith based organizations

  1. Stop the use of rubber bullets on service delivery protests

A BLF controlled municipality shall pass a by-law that makes it possible to address the grievances of the people within 24 hours of any complaint being lodged via a signed petition by at least 30% of the ward voters. In the event that the people are pushed to engage in protest action, the use of rubber bullets shall be prohibited. The people are not criminals.

  1. Reserve the township economy for township people and establish a Municipality Bank

A BLF controlled municipality shall ensure that 100% of all businesses in the township are in the hands of the people of the township. BLF shall pass a by-law compelling all businesses operating in the township to be at least 51% township owned. This shall apply to all businesses from spaza shops to the Malls. Also, strict adherence to the immigration employment legislation shall be compelled. Employers cannot be allowed to break the law with impunity.

  1. Publish the housing waiting list on the public notice board, and make public the ward budget

A BLF controlled municipality shall pass a by-law to make budgeting a participatory process. Each ward shall submit its list of developmental priorities through a public participation process. Once the funds are allocated, each household in the ward shall receive a confirmation of the allocated funds by sms and letter. Furthermore a notice board bearing a declaration of these funds and the relevant line items shall be erected in the public space.

  1. 90% of the municipality budget must be spent on townships and informal settlements

A BLF controlled municipality shall make by-laws to spend 90% of the budget on the townships and informal settlements as part of bridging the apartheid spacial design and quality of amenities. These funds shall assist in developing all the necessary amenities such as soccer fields, community halls, community centers and community swimming pools, amongst others.

  1. Adopt and implement the Thomas Sankara Oath for Local Government

A BLF controlled municipality shall adopt the Sankarist People’s Local Government Manifesto which, amongst other things, shall compel the Local Government representatives to serve the people (see the Thomas Sankara Oath).

  1. Establish an Anti Racism Unit

A BLF controlled municipality shall pass a by-law which shall provide for the establishment of an Anti Racism Unit. This unit shall respond to all complaints of racism. Furthermore the unit shall be empowered to enforce the by-law and impose punitive measures against racist establishments. Individuals who commit acts of racism shall also face the total might of the law. This unit shall be staffed by at least 100 well trained anti-racism officers and thousands of anti-racism volunteers. BLF controlled municipalities shall be zero tolerant of racism for real.

  1. Provide free safe wifi for all

A BLF controlled municipality shall pass a by-law that decrees all citizens to have access to free safe wifi which ensures secure, reliable and efficient communication.

  1. Build community awareness through the arts and sports.

Arts and sports are key to the physical and intellectual health of a nation. A nation which doesn’t help to facilitate the development of its artists, is a soulless nation. Sport is the glue that keeps the body healthy and community together.

It’s time to revive the great culture of community art centers and return to school sports and township tournaments. A BLF controlled municipality shall do this.

  1. Stop the violations of immigration laws by white capital

White monopoly capital is creating black on black violence by violating immigration laws and then sponsoring politicians to divert attention from its criminality.

It’s time to focus on the real culprits by enforcing immigration laws against white capital, which a BLF controlled municipality shall do.

  1. End Gender Based Violence

Deterrent measures to prevent Gender Based Violence shall be implemented by a BLF controlled municipality, including education, restorative justice and intervention to improve the wellbeing of the people so that they take charge of their lives and hope is restored.

  1. Save the youth from drugs

Intensive compulsory measures to assist victims of drugs addiction shall be implemented by a BLF controlled municipality. Rehabilitation centres shall be well funded. The youth shall get the means to live responsible and productive lives through economic empowerment.

  1. Promote Black Love

A BLF controlled municipality shall employ measures to promote black love.
We invite society to engage with this plan. We ask for your inputs.

BLF shall be continuing consulation with all stakeholders. Each city, each municipality, each village will produce its own Battle Plan based on this guide.

What can you do?

  1. Build a BLF branch.
  2. Help identify a suitable candidate to stand for BLF.
  3. Be an example, get involved!
  4. Make sure all are registered to vote!

Program of Action

  1. Start now with food gardens!
  2. We must remember June 16 with a Youth Jobs Imbizo.
  3. On June 19, the day of the Land Act, we must launch a massive land occupations program from that day.
  4. BLF must launch a class action against service delivery apartheid!
  5. End corruption and discrimination in big companies just like we did in Sodwana Bay Lodge!

Go home and build BLF. Tell all about the 15 point Battle Plan to fix our country.

BLF calls on police to release Comrade Sibonelo Zuma now!

BLF calls on police to release Comrade Sibonelo Zuma now!

Early Thursday morning a group of white policemen kicked down the door of Comrade Sibonelo Zomakahle Zuma and abducted him apartheid style.

The police of Orange Farm have been lying about where Comrade Zuma is being kept and have denied the family access to him. Black First Land First (BLF) got a message that the comrade is injured and held in Kliprivier Police Station. But the police there claims that Comrade Zuma is not in their cells.

The family has not seen him since Thursday morning when he was abducted. This is part of a long standing poltical persecution of Comrade Zuma. Just before the 2019 elections, he was arrested and denied bail until recently. He is arrested again to prevent him from running as a candidate for the coming Local Government Elections.

BLF calls on the police to release Comrade Zuma now! The President of BLF is en route to Kliprivier Police Station now.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)
16 May 2021

Contact Details

Black First Land First Mail: [email protected]
Zanele Lwana
(BLF Deputy President)
Cell: +27 79 986 7225

Kabelo Seagiso
(Head of Communications)
Cell: +27 63 548 2425

BLF 2021 Local Government Elections Manifesto Launch

BLF 2021 Local Government Elections Manifesto Launch

Black First Land First (BLF) will be launching its 2021 LGE Manifesto (Battle Plan) which will take place under the following detail:

Date: 15 May 2021
Time: 10 AM
Venue: DOCC
Address: 129 Adams Street, Orlando East, Soweto

At the launch, BLF will be announcing its fifteen point program to fix our municipalities.

All are invited.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)
14 May 2021

Contact Details

Black First Land First Mail: [email protected]
Zanele Lwana
(BLF Deputy President)
Cell: +27 79 986 7225

Kabelo Seagiso
(Head of Communications)
Cell: +27 63 548 2425

BLF turns 5 today

BLF turns 5 today

Our movement, Black First Land First (BLF), turns five years today. In a cold, rainy day five years ago our movement was launched in Soweto. The unique character of our movement is its unapologetic commitment to black people. This identity has attracted some of the most powerful enemies who have sought to silence our movement since its inception. We have nothing to celebrate because black people remain landless in their own country.

BLF has survived sustained attacks from the enemy of black people. We are the only political formation that was banned since 1994. So feared is BLF that the representative of land thieves, Freedom Front Plus, engineered a wicked plan to get BLF banned by the IEC. Land thieves tremble in the presence of BLF, because we don’t act radical to dupe the poor and excluded. We mean what we say.

How can we celebrate when we haven’t achieved the objective we have been formed for? Black people remain at the bottom of the South African society. We are still poor, hungry and landless.

Racism has not ended. Our people are killed like animals on farms by land thieves. Our children get shot and killed for asking for free education. Millions are recipients of the R350 SRD grant which no politician would live on for a day.

Evictions of the poor remain a reality. The promise of Land Expropriation Without Compensation has become a cruel ruse to dupe the poor for votes.

BLF wants to celebrate, but the black condition makes it impossible to do so. It’s been five years of struggle, five years of great defeats and sobering realisations.

When the enemy formed a conspiracy through vote theft in the 2019 national elections to exclude BLF from representing our people in parliament, they thought they would break our spirit. They were wrong! BLF has returned, even stronger and wiser.

The white owned media has sought to bury our movement alive. The media has sought to erase BLF from the imagination of the people, but it has failed!

It’s been five years of struggle, five years of being jailed for standing for the truth. Our movement has tasted rubber bullets on a constant basis. Only this movement has physically confronted the most powerful family in South Africa, the Oppenheimers.

Our struggle has frightened Johann Rupert so much that he has over 30 High Court interdicts against BLF. Like a frightened child, Rupert has run to court and begged it to interdict BLF from taking his farms. Does he think that any unjust decision that entrenches land theft would be heeded by our revolutionary movement?

It has been five years of educating our people about who the real enemy is. BLF has sought to clarify the primary from the secondary contradictions. No revolution is possible without understanding these two levels and how they interface.

BLF has taken the principle of unity amongst blacks and war to the enemy seriously. As part of our commitment to this, BLF has defended all black leaders irrespective of political affiliation who have come under attack from the enemy. BLF has stood with President Zuma, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng, Judge Hlophe, the Public Protector Advocate Mkhwebane, Brian Molefe, Dudu Myeni, Hlaudi Motsoeneng, Major 1 and many others, even those who hate us.

It was BLF that brought the CIEX report back to life. The report shows that just before the end of apartheid, the primary enemy which is white monopoly capital stole over R26 billion from the South African Reserve Bank. Amongst the thieves are today’s ABSA Bank and Johann Rupert. BLF members were arrested for demanding action on the instruction of the then Public Protector Advocate Thuli Madonsela who refused to investigate her benefactors like Rupert.

There were also many victories on the way. The main victory being the fact that we have survived the enemy assaults. We are still fighting. Recently, BLF put up a fight for justice in KwaZulu-Natal for the rights of land and property of our people on Sodwana Bay. After 30 years of being robbed and many interventions by political parties, the people had remained dispossessed. BLF stepped in and restored the rights of our people.

In the North West white farmers are vicious like in most parts of the country. BLF has stepped in and provided the people with a shield.

The next five years will see BLF engaged in heightened forms of resistance for liberation. The enemy can’t keep BLF out. The first act of defiance is BLF’s representation in the Local Government in 2021. There is nothing the enemy can do to stop us and it will not be allowed to steal our votes.

It’s been five years of struggle. We shall make it a decade of advancing against the enemy and exposing the charlatans who delay and detour the revolution.

Tomorrow, as our organization turns 5 years and one day, we shall launch the 2021 Local Government Battle Plan in Soweto where we will be announcing our fifteen point program to fix our municipalities. We invite society to interact with the Battle Plan.

Our people want change. BLF commits to be their Lodestar to Victory.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)
14 May 2021

Contact Details

Black First Land First Mail: [email protected]
Zanele Lwana
(BLF Deputy President)
Cell: +27 79 986 7225

Kabelo Seagiso
(Head of Communications)
Cell: +27 63 548 2425