BLF stands with Retired Judge Nkola Motata

It is shocking that we as a people still allow racist land thieves such as AfriForum to abuse and humiliate black people. The show trial against retired Judge Nkola Motata by the racist AfriForum is an exercise to intimidate black judges into submission to racist bullying. Black First Land First (BLF) says hands off Judge Motata you land thieves!

It’s appalling how state institutions are being abused by racists in South Africa. The judiciary has been turned into a weapon against black people. Judge Motata has admitted to have said, “No boer is going to undermine me… this used to be a white man’s land, even if they have more land… South Africa belongs to us. We are ruling South Africa.”

Nothing in the above statement can be considered racist. It’s true that South Africa is a country of black people. It’s also true that our land was stolen by the likes of AfriForum.

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BLF-SM calls on the NPA to drop all charges against #FeesMustFall activists

Black First Land First Student Movement (BLF-SM) calls on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to drop all charges against #FeesMustFall (FMF) activists who struggled for the achievement of free education.

President Jacob Zuma agreed with the Fees Must Fall community to implement free education and this is a clear vindication of those who remained principled to the struggle for free education by all means.

Student activists from higher education institutions across the country remain caught up in unending court proceedings and we call on the NPA to exonerate all with immediate effect.

The unending court appearances are an economic and psychological burden which has put a strain on the academic performance of many of these activists. The question is, why is the state still prosecuting students who were fighting for a just cause?

Long Live the Struggle for Free Deconolonised Education!

Contact details:

Lindsay Maasdorp
Cell: +27 79 915 2957

Thobani Zikalala
Cell: +27 74 246 7848

BLF-SM warns the pro-radical economic transformation forces of the ANC

Notice how new African National Congress (ANC) president, Cyril Ramaphosa, speaks Radical Economic Transformation (RET) in an Inclusive Growth language. The road after the 54th National Elective Conference of the ANC has been said to bring about change of a new twist into South African politics – the so-called “Renewal of the ANC” towards unity, or is it?

Unity has been the theme march advocated by Ramaphosa, however forces, what is the principle of this unity? Logic dictates that the resolutions of the conference shape and inform this unity, could that be the reason why the ANC president has been loud on RET while he was advancing inclusive growth prior to the outcomes of the conference? Or is he?

RET forces, the Black First Land First Student Movement (BLF-SM) has been noting with contempt how Ramaphosa has managed to speak RET using Inclusive Growth language. Ramaphosa has been doing this in recent media interviews but confirmed that he is in the Inclusive Growth slate (like he always has been) today, in the World Economic Forum meeting as he was leading negotiations. Ramaphosa said, and I quote “there is political certainty in South Africa… we must build unity towards growth, and of course that growth must be inclusive.” This statement did not surprise anyone because that is how Ramaphosa has been portraying his leadership regardless of the conference resolutions.

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BLF says voetsek Rupert, we are coming for ALL the stolen land!

Black First Land First (BLF) notes the media reports that land thief, Johann Rupert, has bought 117 title deeds for landless, dispossessed, poor black people who are victims of his and his ancestors’ thievery. This is like a thief stealing your car and giving you rollerskates in return.

Rupert has seen the work done by BLF, particularly in the farmlands surrounding Cape Town, including in Franschhoek where he owns farms.

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