I am a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). I belong to Thomas Sankara Ward 78 in the Tshwane Region. I am also an additional member of the Branch Command Team (BCT).

I am lodging a complaint regarding the criminally and politically offensive conduct of the President of the EFF, Julius Sello Malema. The nature and content of the allegations that constitute my complaint clearly disclose certain offence(s) as contemplated in the EFF Discipline Code of Conduct.

EFF was conceived by a politics and ideological perspective that locates at its centre the total liberation of the oppressed majority via the realization of its 7 non negotiable cardinal pillars as indicated in both the EFF Constitution and Founding Manifesto. Land expropriation without compensation is the first of the cardinal pillars of the EFF.

The EFF Founding Manifesto and policy document on land elaborates significantly on the meaning and implementation of this cardinal pillar number one. We have in our founding documents exposed the colonial theft of all land and vowed to expropriate all of it without compensation.. We condemned the theft, allocation, denial and use of our land along racial capitalistic lines!

We offered the ruling party our proportion of the national votes so that the constitution of the country could be amended so as to cater for “land expropriation without compensation”.

On Wednesday 22 April 2015 in PAARL Julius Malema engaged the leaders of the white agricultural sector in the Western Cape at a dinner hosted by their forum“Gesprek”. At this event Malema reassured whites that their interests in land are secured and intact and in this way allayed their fears on the issue of “expropriation of land without compensation”.

He told these whites “(a)s long as its a productive farm, we don’t have to interfere with the production on that piece of land.” This is clearly not in line with EFF’s cardinal pillar number one.

He further clarified and reassured the white agricultural sector that,“(w)hen there is part of a land which is not used for agriculture purposes, we would be having a problem. All we are saying is the land must be used. It must not lie idle”. Julius Malema accordingly thus guaranteed unhindered and free ownership, use and enjoyment of land by whites under EFF governance. He further encouraged them not to leave any land idle so as to ensure full ownership (by themselves) of all land. Again this is clearly not in line with EFF’s cardinal pillar number one which is self explanatory.

Malema called on white farmers to empower black people. Firstly, since Malema had already guaranteed them that all their interests in land will be secured as is the case now, it is clear that the interests of blacks in land repossession without compensation were sold out by him to allay white fears. Secondly, our first cardinal pillar is clear “expropriation of land without compensation”. This means that we take our destiny into our own hands and take back our land without compensation to the land thieves!
Malema’s call here is clearly in contravention of cardinal pillar number one.

To add insult to injury our President then does the despicable thing of asking these white farmers to mentor blacks. The EFF Constitution calls for the destruction of white supremacy together with the bourgeoisie and all other exploitative relations and upon its ashes to install a system that responds to the total needs of the people. It intimates that the medium through which white supremacy is to be destroyed is via the realisation of the 7 non negotiable cardinal pillars. How is white supremacy (and in particular whiteness as a system and culture of black oppression) going to be destroyed when Malema calls on whites (who are sustained by white supremacy) to mentor blacks. The call for mentorship of blacks (in relation to land) by whites under a system of white supremacy is a call to sustain the same oppressive system. This call by our president is clearly in conflict with cardinal pillar number one.

Malema went on to say to the members of Gesprek, “(i)f you love this country, you must love its people. Say to them I’m volunteering my services. I’m going to make sure the land is used productively and used to feed the children of this community…We need to protect you. We need to make wine from France very expensive.”

He basically guaranteed that the current racist capitalist relations would remain intact and effectively pleaded for whites to love blacks and to re-assure us that they will use the land productively and feed us. He intimated that an EFF government would also subsidize and protect (white) farmers so as to ensure that they are not disadvantaged by “cheap agricultural imports”.

When against this backdrop Malema subsequently said that “(e)verybody in agriculture will be given tractors and seeds…to allow agriculture to continue” he was clearly not referring to blacks whose rights he had already denied by abandoning the first cardinal principle of “expropriation of all land without compensation”. Moreover when Malema asks these white captains of agriculture to “(t)ransfer that skills so we can double production in agriculture…and create some opportunities for previously disadvantaged people of South Africa,” it is a plea to no end since he already vowed not to upset the current racist capitalist relations in relation to productive land.

As a member of the EFF it is my right to defend the party’s cardinal pillars and in this case I rise in defence of cardinal pillar number one.

I submit that EFF in not a poor party as it receives about R70 million from the people of this country via the IEC and parliament annually. Irrespective of the financial status of the organization there is no need for julius Malema, as the leader of the EFF, to plead with land thieves for money in exchange for the birthright of blacks. .

Julius Malema’s offer to the white farmers was in effect a relinquishment of the right to productive land of the black majority (whose interests the EFF has pledged to realize and protect) in exchange for donations and for non productive land.

The promise of Julius Malema to the white agricultural sector to expropriate only “non-productive” land serves to protect white farmers against EFF’s committment for land repossession via occupations so as to correct the original colonial land theft.

As a result of his conduct as indicated above Julius Malema, as President of EFF, has contravened sections 1.1.1; 1.1.2; 1.1.3; 1.1.11, and; 1.1.15 the of the EFF Discipline Code of Conduct which provide as follows:

“1. No EFF member shall commit or participate in conduct, including utterances, which amounts to:

1.1. bringing the organisation into disrepute;

1.2. a breach of the EFF Constitution, its policies and principles;

1.3. abuse of power or office;

1.11. defining himself or herself outside the organisational structures and discipline;

1.15. undermining the integrity and impeding the organisational programmes of the EFF”

I am hereby charging Julius Malema in his capacity as aforesaid for contravening the above provisions of the EFF Discipline Code of Conduct and I ask that he be subjected to a disciplinary hearing without delay.

Yours In The Struggle For Economic Freedom In Our Lifetime,

Rre Botsang Moiloa
Tel: +27 83 884 7787
11 May 2015

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