The Marikana massacre brutally thrust  blacks into naked enemy fire at the ANC barricades. Objectively, this moment in history marked the spiritual death of black faith in the ANC and the birth of a revolutionary consciousness seeking a revolutionary home. That home has not been found since the promise of the Black First Land First (BLF) Movement. Today an ocean of blood divides the ANC from blacks and it is time for blacks to continue the struggle for freedom without the ANC.

Since Marikana, when the black workers were murdered by the ANC for demanding a living wage, South Africa has never been the same again.  ANC boldly put the blame on the striking blacks for, in the first place, daring to go against white monopoly capital. The voices of the Marikana workers are the voices of the millions of blacks who until Marikana could blindly believe in the ANC and seek relief from it regarding their unbearable condition.

As the Black First Land First (BLF) movement we maintain that the fight for a living wage,  which the Marikana workers died for, is essentially a battle for land and the return of our mineral wealth. Only by the confiscation of our land without compensation in the interests of blacks and by nationalization of the mines while bringing them under direct worker’s and people’s control can we say that the fight for a living wage is over!

500 years of dehumanization by white supremacy, rendering blacks to a life of slavery and cut off from the civilized world of whiteness, tended to strengthen this faith in the ANC via the miracle of 27 April 1994.  Marikana, however,  has produced thousands of advanced warriors who have consciously broken with this faith in the ANC. The Marikana legacy will continue to educate blacks in whom the instinct of revolution, strengthened in the protest movement and fostered by political organisation, will destroy this faith to its very foundations.

Apart from those being conscientised by Marikana are millions of blacks,  who continue to suffer the anti blackness of white supremacy, in whom this faith in the ANC could still survive. They are not ready for revolution and to replace the ANC’s neo liberal regime with a fully responsive state form. These people, for lack of a revolutionary consciousness, could only plead for acceptance within the ANC’s anti black agenda. But the memory and legacy of Marikana compels the destruction of this faith our people have in the ANC as the agent of revolutionary change.  To this end, this historical legacy finds its logical consolidation in the ideas of the Black First, Land First movement.

The magnetism of the basic call to revolution around the organizing ideas of Black First Land First has the potential to influence even the most backward strata of the black masses with its Sankofa approach to politics of drawing lessons from the past to move forward. To this end BLF draws lessons from Marikana with the spirit of no return until the land is returned to our people.

History, which blacks were conducting via mainstream politics without a black first land first approach, has confirmed the correctness of the view that that there can be no revolutionary movement without revolutionary theory, and that revolutionary theory delinked from the  organized mass struggle is to no revolutionary end.

Blacks who who still harbour a shred of faith in the ANC were not ready for black freedom. Since August 16, 2012 the potential for blacks being ready to embark on a path to overthrow ANC rule was very evident but the absence of a revolutionary movement kept this initiative in a stranglehold of neo-liberalism.  With the birth of BLF, which puts black first for land first, the Marikana legacy can be driven to its revolutionary conclusion. The ANC by cowardly driving blacks to the wall gave them their first lessons in barricade fighting. The lessons of the Marikana massacre will not be lost.

May the Marikana warriors who died fighting for a living wage be avenged by the fires of revolution through Black First for Land First.

The BLF rejects the establishment of the presidential commission of inquiry and its pseudo truth findings. We regard the function of the Commission of Inquiry as serving to hide the truth, to manage the justified anger of blacks and to interrupt their revolutionary demands. We demand that the ANC government pay reparations to the families for their pain, suffering and loss of income.

We say that the mines must be nationalised and placed under worker control and the dependents of the murdered should get shares in those mines. Lonmin belongs to the murdered workers! Also BLF calls for all workers to get a minimum wage of R12 500. It’s a reasonable demand, and what the Marikana workers died for.

16 AUGUST 2015

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