Our country is facing a massive crisis of leadership and vision. There is no national agenda and we are faced with a real and present danger – a dangerous situation of white capital engineering a regime change to ensure nothing changes.

The SA economy has been in permanent recession for the black majority. Those who fear junk status are fearful because they don’t know that 63% of the population which is mainly black is below the poverty datum. The situation of our people is bad as it is, with food inflation set to hit double digit figures in a context where a neo-liberal budget has been hailed by all the political parties in parliament.

In the past few years we have seen an insurgence of militancy and demands for real change. This demand for change culminated last year into the emergence of a radical Pan African Black Consciousness Black Feminist Movement, first led by the Rhodes Must Fall student movement from UCT. The students were asking fundamental questions about the nature of South African Society and the deal struck in 1994, which left things as they were in white hands.

We saw at this time the rise of demands for land expropriation without compensation and mobilising black anger towards white monopoly capital which is in essence the representatives of the white community. There is no monopoly capital apart from white people.  The discourse of white supremacy also gained lots of ground and “white monopoly capital” was increasingly exposed as just one aspect of the white supremacist project that put white people ahead of blacks.

The response of white power to this crisis was to find new agents that could help it divert attention from white capital and the white community as the main contradiction that must be resolved. White capital started inviting organisations that were seen as radical such as the EFF to meetings and close-door conversations. The first of these meetings happened in Stellenbosch early in 2015, where the EFF sold out its land policy and its leaders assured whites that EFF won’t occupy their land but rather that it would only take the land which white people do not want or which is “unsed”, in other words left over land. The land thieves of Stellenbosch were very happy and sighted breath of relief and possible donated some money since it was asked for.

The radical land policy of land expropriation without compensation was sold out and there remains a vacuum on who must take that struggle up. As we know nature doesn’t allow for vacuums – the militants who were about “land first” regrouped and called for the formation of BLACK FIRST LAND FIRST!

But white power was still unsettled. It needed to remove the danger completely in tandem as the people demanded part of the economy. We saw new pilgrimages to London by all the opposition parties – the most significant being in last October with the visit to London by again the EFF which met the representatives of imperialism in a secret meeting under the imperial Chatham House Rule. From there we saw five counter revolutionary developments, namely:

1. The attack on President Mandela (we know that Mandela is not a saint but we don’t attack him to the delight of whites. Whites have used Mandela now they want his legacy erased).

2. The attack on President Mugabe as a violent man.

3. The Denunciation of the Zimbabwean land revolution as illegal and violent.

4. The unification of the opposition parties (we saw the EFF openly declaring its intention to work with the DA – the Sunday times reported on this).

5. To deflect attention away from white monopoly capital and the white community, which owns 80% of the land and 97% of the JSE,  an elaborate clever trick was hatched in London – they called it “state capture” and labored to paint President Zuma and the Guptas as the enemy we must all work against.

The “State Capture” mantra was pumped and drummed by the media so repeatedly that it became the truth.  To assist this lie, that the problem in SA is the Guptas, ANC leaders who were either marginalised or ambitious were raised from the political wilderness dusted and given a new lease of life through sustained claims of “Guptas offered me a ministerial job and I refused!”.

Vytjie Mentor woke up from a five year slumber and remembered that she had been offered a job by the Guptas. While we were still on that one, Mcebisi Jonas was pulled from the sidelines after his mass scandals and corruption claims that included him chowing and misusing monies of the funeral of the late President Mandela. He claimed he too was offered a ministerial job and he refused.

The media presented these characters as the paragons of virtue.  All their sins were forgiven. Zwlinzima Vavi, seeing that political mileage can be gained, also remembered that eight years ago he was in a meeting where some corrupt activities happened which involved the Guptas.

Vavi is a crusader against corruption and a board member of Corruption Watch. He has sat with knowledge of corruption for eight years. How can he be a board member of an organisation that fihgts corruption but not report corruption? BLF has written to the Chairperson of the board of Corruption Watch, Arch Bishop Njongokulu, to take action against Vavi. He needs to be removed form the board if Corruption Watch wishes to maintain any intergrity, otherwise it would be correctly seen as a weapon used to settle political scores and as fitting in the regime change call driven by “state capture” mantra.

Malema and Johann Alliance for regime change.

Johann Rupert, the Mafia King of Stellenbosch, is one of the richest men in South Africa. He has made his fortune from apartheid assisted land dispossessions of black people and business deals. Johann Rupert is one of the business men who stole billons from the Reserve Bank towards the end of apartheid. Evidence for this is contained in the BLF research report, “Preliminary Report on the Apartheid Era Corruption and other Economic Crimes”. The matter was reported to the Public Protector five years ago, known also as the CIEX matter.

Last week Johan Rupert called for President Zuma to be removed, not by elections but any other means. That was a clear call for a coup. We know the two gentlemen have a little difference in the past calling each other names, like “Stellenbosch Mafia” and “irritating mosquito”. There seems to be peace now between the two as they join hands to bring about regime change.

Malema has now openly exposed the alliance between himself and Rupert. In his own words;

“Rupert, your call for Zuma to step down should translate into action and see the closure of business to allow workers, including yourself, to join the march to remove Zuma. it’s time to go to the streets. Let unions join the march. We need combined resources – financial and human – to mobilise the necessary strength to remove Zuma.”

This open endorsement of  Johan Rupert’s campaign to recapture the state raises many questions.

Firstly, what are the common interests between EFF which claims to be Marxist-Leninst-Fanonian and Johan Rupert who is the epitome of white monopoly capital?

Secondly, is Johann Rupert not a land thief? Or, does this not explain why the land struggle has been abandoned and new a friendship established so that Rupert does not have to return land?

Thirdly, Malema is openly begging for money to make a regime change to help Rupert recapture the state – is this in the interests of the black majority?

What is clear from this stated alliance between Malema and Rupert is that EFF doesn’t see white capital as the enemy. It explains why the march to the JSE was such a timid and peaceful house slave-like march to give massa a memorandum.

This explains why after almost six months after the JSE march, there has been no occupation of ABSA, as was threatened!

The Reds are captured!

Perceptive Strike for White capital

The call by Johann Rupert for a coup follows the failed attempt by his agents within the ANC, NEC to remove Zuma as expected by their handlers. Johann Rupert lost it and showed his hand.  Now Malema has also endorsed the programme of  regime change by Rupert and Co.

Johan Rupert and imperialism wants to remove Zuma before the people remove him through a revolutionary process that would ensure the end of white supremacy.

The call for Zuma to go is a calculation to make a pre-emptive strike to ensure a new stooge is put in power to ensure white interests are perpetuated. The favourite candidate right now is Cyril Ramaphosa who has already demonstrated that he can serve the interests of white capital even violently. Ramaphosa is not shy to kill for white capital – the Marikana massacre bears testimony to this.

The call for Zuma to go is because he no longer listens to white capital,  he is looking “East for A family feast”- Russia, India and China. The close relationship with the Guptas is seen by white as a sign of how things are going to be if he is not quickly removed.

If Zuma is not removed he may introduce a bad culture of not taking the calls from London. The Guptas have upset white capital by entering into the mining sector aggressively. We saw how they  bought Swiss owned Optimum coal. This deal is badly reported on and Brian Molefe is not given the credit he deserves as a patriot trying to safeguard national assets within a system that doesn’t permit this. No one knows that Optimum as owned by the Swiss actually tried to bully Eskom to break a deal it already has to try and pocket more money under threats of precipitating  “loadsheding”.

The Guptas Must Go campaign is a campaign of white capital in its new attempt to reclaim their hold on the South African economy.

We wish to warn our people to be careful and not follow the agendas of white people under the pretext of fighting corruption.

We call on our people to reject the counter revolutionary call by the Rupert and Malema alliance. It is not about fighting corruption, it is about fighting for Rupert and white capital.

It’s a diversion from the fact that we want our land back!

We want Rupert and other land thieves know that we are coming to take back the land. As we speak BLF members are organising around Stellenbosch.

Corruption cases against Johann Rupert and  8 bankers.

Last night the leadership of BLF opened criminal cases against 9 capitalists at the Hilbrow police station for contravening the law and acting unlawfully.  The case number is: 39/4/2016

White capital has been contravening the law at will. BLF is going to work hard to stop this.

A big crime happened in our country at the height of the controversy around the firing of Nene as Minister of Finance. Two clear incitements of criminality were committed recently, for which the case was opened.

Firstly,  Johanne Rupert (also known as the Stellebosch Mafia king) who is also the chairman of the Swiss Luxury group Richemont is alleged to have broken Section 4 of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Activities Act, 2004.  He broke the law and acted in a corrupt fashion when summoned and went into a meeting of the ANC leaders, specifically Cyril Ramaphosa and Trevor Manuel, and instructed them to ensure the firing of Van Rooyen as minister of finance. We know Rupert has interests in the economy, so he wanted a minister who would take care of his interests. The charge is corruption!

We know that Johann Rupert is denying meeting these two gentlemen, Ramaphosa has in turn not denied the meeting but only that there was no discussion of hiring and firing of ministers. We say we know thieves and criminals never admit to their crimes. Let the police do their work and the courts deal with the criminals.

The biggest second crime happened on the night of the 13 December 2015.  The following bankers, some of them of multinational corporations, broke Section 4 of the Prevention and Combating of Corruption Activities Act, 2004 .

1. Barclays Africa Group Chief Executive Officer, Maria Ramos;

2. Goldman Sachs’ South Africa head Colin Coleman;

3.  Investec Bank’s global CEO, Stephen Koseff;

4. Imperial Holdings’ CEO, Mark Lamberti;

5. Sanlam CEO Ian Kirk;

6. Business Leadership South Africa chairperson Bobby Godsell;

7. Toyota Europe CEO Johan van Zyl and

8. First Rand CEO Johan Burger

We are going to follow this matter and see it to the end.

Furthermore, BLF has written to the President to call for a Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the whole saga around the Minster of Finance.

Also BLF has written and engaged some of the parties in parliament to make sure that a complaint on this saga is laid with the Public Protector. We want the focus to be placed also on the white bankers and business who literally fired Van Rooyen and hired Gordhan.

We  note the hypocrisy of saying nothing when whites do it but make big noise when it is said the Guptas are involved.

Constitutional Court Decision on Nkandla – Do we forgive Zuma?

We welcome the decision in sofar as it clarifies the powers of the Public Protector. Let Zuma pay for whatever he has benefited unduly from. However, we note that the CC decision is being abused by the regime change agents directed from London to call for a coup. This must be resisted. The agenda of Johann Rupert must not be smuggled throught the back door under the guise of fighting corruption. Rupert and his ilk are the biggest criminals.

For BLF we are happy that the PP’s decisions are binding. We are however, very disappointed that the PP is quick to investigate black business and politicians but seems totally reluctant to move on white capital.

BLF demands that the PP release her findings on the R26 BILLION stolen by white capital. She promised us a report by the end of 2015 and nothing has happened. The case is now five years old. We believe the PP is planning to leave office without touching the matter. On this case the claim of funds doesn’t hold because it’s a very straight forward case.

BLF shall resume its direct action against the PP, to get the 26 billion. This is money to assist the unemployed youth of our country. We shall be visiting any public talks and engagement she does and demand that she give progress reports on the R26 Billion we know is recoverable.

President Zuma has last night took full responsibility for his actions or lack of actions on the Nkandla matter. We welcome this humble move by President Zuma. He has asked to be forgiven. We forgive him and say for us the Nkandla thing should never have detained the nation so long – its a side issue and detracts from the important work of national reconstruction.

Now we want to also ask that President Zuma take his responsibility as leader of the nation seriously. We say to Msholozi stop worrying yourself about what whites think about you. What we want from you is the following:

1. Land return to black people without paying a cent. Stop talking about it, do it!

2. Ask for forgiveness for Marikana, give the victims and their children reparations NOW!

3. Nationalise and socialise the mines and other strategic sectors of the economy!

4. Strenghthen the links with BRICS and make sure its anti imperialist!

5. Declare Free Education for real, don’t listen to Blade Nzimande, he is not interested in helping black students.

6. End the horrible slavery called outsourcing.

7. Free All APLA Soldiers Now!

We have many more demands, we are not going to wait for you to meet these demands. But if you do decide to meet them, your legacy would not be Nkandla.

BLF endorses people’s struggles:

1. Where is the Mayor of the City of Johannesburg, Parks Tau?  BLF calls on the citizens of the City of Joburg to support the strike by Pic it Up. We must make sure our parents don’t work like slaves keeping our city clean. Lets organise big sit-ins  at the office of the Mayor for speedy resolution of the matter.

2. Cancer Chicken. Our country has now allowed cancer chicken from the USA into our shelves. BLF is organising direct action against all the retailors who are selling poison. This action would be announced soon.

3. Today the people of Xolobeni bury their favourite son, Sikhosiphi Bazooka Rhadebe who was murdred by agents of the Australian mining company MRC. We call for MRC to leave SA!

4. BLF fully supports  the Buy Black Campaign led by Pastor Xola Sikhosana which started yesterday. Its time to support black business activities and to build non capitalist modes of exchanges amongst blacks. Before you buy something ask if it could be sourced from a black business.


We are deligted to announce that BLF shall officially hold its launch conference in May 2016 in Soweto.

Key decisions to be taken at the conference include:

1. Participation or not to participate in the incoming LGE.( the national leadership has made a proposal for contestation).

2. Adoption of the BLACK AGENDA and programme of action.

Andile Mngxitama


Thank you


Yeoville, Joberg

Press Statement

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