BLF Condemns Black On Black Violence Promoted By Politicians


Black First Land First (BLF) condemns the senseless black on black violence promoted by policians from parliament to the streets. The instigation of violence by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on spurious grounds feeds into the imperialist agenda to create conditions for regime change in BRICS countries just like what happened in Brazil. There are better reasons to hold President Zuma (in fact the whole ANC) accountable, even via disrupting parliament, such as his failure to act against white monopoly capital which is linked to his failure to resolve the questions of land, education, unemployment, economy, housing, poverty etcetera – with the understanding that the real fight must be directed against the main enemy being white supremacy and white monopoly capital.   

The attempt to use the Constitutional Court decision is misguided and without substance. Even the Constitutional Court didn’t find Zuma guilty and has in fact apportioned responsibility to both the President and entire national assembly. 

EFF’s instance to disrupt President Zuma is a ruse to provoke and ignite a situation of total chaos in line with the call by Johann Rupert that Zuma Must Fall which is part of the strategy of imperialism hatched in London to disrupt South Africa as one of the BRICs countries. We note with grave concern how this whole saga is creating an atmosphere of generalised mayhem and is directed at blacks bodies. The manner in which EFF forcibly and violently expelled its MPs is in line with the drama being played out by it in parliament in terms of which black bodies are lured into violence with each other.

BLF also condemns the EFF for unleashing random violence on black people in the streets of Cape Town. This mindless violence is exactly what caused civil war in countries like Sierra Leone. To this end we do well to remember the madman of Sierra Leone’s so called Revolutionary United Front, Foday Saybana Sankoh, who brought the country to its knees because of his appetite for alluvial diamonds. In the end almost 300 000 blacks perished. Sankoh  claimed to fight corruption and used revolutionary rhetoric to achieve reactionary ends. We call on the nation to be vigilant and not repeat the mistake of the likes of Sankoh.

BLF calls on all the political parties engaging in this violence, especially the EFF, to stop this senseless conduct immediately and to action against  its members who are found to be involved in such violence against innocent people. Furthermore, we call upon parliamentary parties to stop the escalation of hostilities on spurious grounds. South Africa right now needs real leaders and clear headedness to prevail. 

BLF reminds the nation that the enemy remains the same white monopoly capital and white supremacy – that the land of our people was taken by force and is still in the hands of those who stole it. 

The solution is not to divert attention from the real enemy and to take instructions from London to enact black on black violence. The solution is to adopt the Black Agenda and be guided by black love. Principally, the solution lies in realizing the need to “free the mind and take back the land”. 


18 May 2016

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