BLF calls for an immediate end to evictions of the poor


Black First Land First (BLF) calls on the ANC government to immediately declare a stop on all evictions. BLF blames the government for the death of two landless poor people murdered by other landless poor people hired to brutalise fellow blacks in Hamanskraal. The so-called Red Ants are themselves poor destitute black people who can only eat if they commit atrocities against fellow black people. The racist capitalist anti black democratic rule managed by the ANC has reduced blacks to further subhuman levels of existence, where they would kill other blacks in order to survive.

BLF calls on the ANC to serve and protect the poor. End all evictions NOW! You have the power to do so. It’s the right thing to do. Furthermore the State President must immediately declare a moratorium on evictions on farms and in the urban areas. The poor have a right to land and housing. Blacks have a right to any piece of land in South Africa. Stop the evictions. Give Red Ants proper jobs!

BLF calls on the “red ants” to refuse to be tools in the hands of the enemies of black people. We call on those employed as red ants to refuse blood money, to refuse money gained from the tears of others. We call on the red ants to join the revolution, occupy land and defend the people!

The ANC government must take full responsibility for the death of landless people irrespective of whether they are red ants or not.

President Zuma stop evictions now!


23 May 2016

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