BLF-SM Thanks All That Made Made Kilombo – #40YearsSince76 Gathering Possible!

BLF-SM Thanks All That Made Made Kilombo – #40YearsSince76 Gathering Possible!

Somewhere lost in the white worlds creation of black pain, Khayelitsha; slaves ran away to the Kilombo to learn how to end the world as we know it.

Harriet Tubman, Queen Nanny and a host of runaway slaves have shown us how to create a space separate from the anti-black racist white-supremacist world. How did they arrive at the conclusion that no more could they wonder the cotton fields, work the plantation and just be in the service of maintaining their oppression?

Well, Kilombo in Khayelitsha was something of a space where we pressed into the answer. Over the weekend of 16 June, as the youth of 2016 met the elders of 76 and all those in between. An occasion where runaways gathered and engaged, soaking in the historical experience of black revolt, deciphering text while developing the great expectation of black liberation.

The igniting intersectional exchange curated by Cadre Ziyana Lategan, stories from soweto uprising generation Elders Mosala and Mabasa, BLF Convenor Mngxitama, and a host of lessons from fees must fall and end outsourcing activists.

This experience, building a collective black voice that can call the slaves out of the fields, and perhaps the only question that was not clarified was, is it time for the Azanian Front.

What we do know is the journey continues, 40 years on, just as Biko sees further because he stands on the shoulders of Sobukwe, may this generation destroy the world as we know it and welcome a society where black people are free, to be, to be human.

And so as revolutionaries, we remember we don’t praise a fish for swimming, BLF says to all those who contributed in many different forms to realise this momentous occasion, keep swimming!

May we continue to work for a collective black radical voice that shouts revolutionary theory through action, and ends the world as we know it. Out of the ashes of South Africa, may Azania flourish.


22 June 2016

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