BLF To Consider Establishing Anti Racism Self Defence Units

BLF To Consider Establishing Anti Racism Self Defence Units

Black First Land First (BLF) notes the escalation of anti black racism attacks and activities in South Africa. Black people are randomly attacked by white civilians across the nation. Many videos have come up decently and no arrests or action is taken against the racists.

BLF has called a Special National Leadership Meeting next month (July) to look at all these attacks and develop a response which may include forming anti racism self defense units. Such units shall take both defensive and pre-emptive actions against individual acts of racism against black people.

BLF also notes the slap in the wrist enjoyed by Penny Sparrow when the Equality Court in KwaZulu-Natal ordered her to pay a fine of R150 000 for her racist comments against blacks – a fine that whites have subsequently come out to collectively pay for on her behalf. This shows that Sparrow was not speaking as an individual but spoke for all whites. Moreover, she has basically gotten away scot-free – with not even a criminal conviction.

The recent reported incident of the refusal by the Sodwana Bay Guest House to accept blacks shows that the crass racists are emboldened. Blacks must defend themselves! Its our God given right.

A full statement shall be issued after the Special National Leadership Meeting in mid July.

24 June 2016

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