Message from the National Secretary for Political Education and Research

The Black First Land First Political Education Induction  programme will commence from 26 November 2016 in Soweto, Orlando East. National Secretary for Political  Education and Research will give a lecture to all members of BLF in Soweto. The lecture will be centred on the induction curriculum program regarding key ideological questions that are fundamental for the development of political consciousness of the members of Black First Land First in carrying out the revolutionary duties and obligations of the movement. 

Take note that in addition to the national induction program for BLF that is already in place, a short course on discipline will be added. To this end a reading list is already available and will distributed via the Secretariat.

Each Provincial Coordinator must suggest a Provincial Political Education Secretary that the National Convener will consider appointing. All Provincial Political Education Secretaries will form part of the National Secretariat for Political Education and also part of the extended National Coordinating Committee. A short induction course for all the Provincial Secretaries will be conducted as soon as the Provincial Appointments are made. Furthermore a WhatsApp group will be set up for the National Political Education Secretariat which will serve as an engine for the smooth administration of the political affairs and education of the movement. An email list will also be compiled and the first content that will be emailed is all the documentation regarding the induction course. The National Political Education Secretariat should be fully established by 27 November 2016. A national calendar for political education for 2017 will be out soon. Each province will be expected to devise their own calendars drawing from the national calendar for Political Education. 

As indicated by the National Convener of BLF in his political report to the extended NCC meeting in Yeoville on 29 October 2016, “the 1917 October Revolution in Russia remains one of the biggest schools of the revolutionary process. As we approach the centenary of the Russian Revolution we must prepare for an authentic commemoration. This NCC must establish a committee for the Centenary Commemoration of the Russian Revolution! This is so because Black First Land First (BLF) is in the final analysis the true heirs to Lenin in the Azanian space”. To this end a draft National Political Education Program that goes beyond the induction program, taking into account the centenary of the Russian Revolution, must be presented at the National Strategic Planning session to be held in Durban over the period 12 to 16 December 2016. In this regard do note that BLF has already provided a basic reading list regarding the contributions of  V.I. Lenin as well as Karl Marx, J.V. Stalin and Mao Zedong which is on the BLF website. 

20 November 2016

Issued By Black First Land First
National Secretariat for Political Education

Contact details 

Black First Land First Email:[email protected]
Facebook: Black First Land First | Twitter: @black1stland1st
National Secretary for Political Education: Neo Mokatsanyane
Cell number: 0814167288
Email: [email protected]

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