BLF reissues statement on anti-black pro-capitalist ‘Black Friday’

BLF reissues statement on anti-black pro-capitalist ‘Black Friday’

It is that time of the year again when the globe celebrates the violent history of Black people. This coming Friday is dubbed Black Friday and a rush of consumerism engulfs all. Stores will drastically reduce prices so that millions of people (Black people especially) spend money they don’t have on White companies that pay them a pittance and treat them disgustingly throughout the year. In this vein we reissue a statement we issued last year regarding the history of Black Friday.

The Black First Land First (BLF) movement condemns the glorification of the anti-black capitalist ‘holiday’ called Black Friday, which encourages blind consumerism.

Celebrating and taking part in such a day shows a complete lack of understanding of global Black history. The term Black Friday, originated from the selling off of Black slaves after Thanksgiving in America. Slave traders would hold an open market for slaves sales.

Whenever a shipment of slaves came in, and there were hardly any disease or deaths amongst them (men, women and children), they called it a “Black Friday” to celebrate the fortune they will make.

However, if a shipment came in and there were mostly sick people, the traders called it a “Red Friday”, because of the bad outcome and “red” because they would have to kill all the sick and weak slaves (because no one wanted to spend money feeding or treating those men, women and children).

BLF implores the black masses to reject this highly capitalistic and antiblack ‘holiday’. Black Friday only seeks to mock black pain and donate money (the black masses do not have) back to white capital.

BLF says NO to Black Friday!


27 November 2015

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