Interventions & actions taken by BLF since its inception against white corruption

Interventions & actions taken by BLF since its inception against white corruption

In furtherance of achieving its strategic objective BLF has, since its inception, been involved with various direct actions against white corruption.

The following is a chronological account of BLF’s interventions and direct actions undertaken by it thus far:

September 2015: Release of preliminary report on apartheid era corruption and other economic crimes


In September 2015 BLF compiled it’s “preliminary report on apartheid era corruption and other economic crimes” which goes into the extent of apartheid era corruption and white capital’s role in it. It further suggests who stole the money and where the money is and indicates a course of action going forward. In terms of the above BLF report a total of R563 billion was stolen by white capital which is recoverable

BLF opened a criminal case (March 2016) with the South African Police Services (SAPS) against a number of white business persons including Johann Rupert for contravening section 4 of the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities, 2004 (Act No. 12 of 2004). This case is essentially one of corruption and is currently being investigated by the HAWKS.

On 19 September 2015, BLF wrote to the National Treasury and requested certain crucial information regarding the Exchange Control and Tax Amnesty afforded to applicants in terms of the Exchange Control Amnesty and Amendment of Taxation Laws Act, 2003. To date no response has been received from the Treasury which Gordhan heads.

BLF wrote to the Governor of SARB on 24 September 2015 and requested certain important information regarding the concessions given to applicants in terms of the 2010 Voluntary Disclosure Programme (VDP) – which amounted to a further amnesty to businesses engaged in capital flight and other economic crimes. To date no response has been received from SARB which falls under the control and management of Minister Gordhan.

30 September 2015: Protest at Office of PP

BLF engaged in a sit in at the Office of the Public Protector (PP) demanding that she finalizes her report regarding the stolen R26 billion by white capital from the SARB.

1 October 2015: Protest at keynote address of PP

BLF engaged in protest action 1 October 2015 in terms of which it intervened in the keynote address of the PP, Thuli Madonsela, at the Desmond Tutu lecture at UWC
and demanded that she finalize her report regarding the stolen R26 billion.

30 March 2016: Complaints lodged with PP on stolen R26 billion & state capture

In March 2016 BLF lodged a complaint with the Public Protector (PP) regarding R26 billion stolen by apartheid era white capitalists and another complaint of “state capture” by the same white business persons including Johann Rupert.

BLF has moreover presented the SAPS, HAWKS and the PP with evidence that shows that these bankers and Johann Rupert have illegally interfered with the duties of the President to appoint ministers in terms of the Constitution which they claim to uphold.

18 July 2016: Protest at Office of PP

BLF engaged in protest action on 18 July 2016 at the former PP’s office that resulted in 26 BLF members being arrested and subsequently imprisoned for 8 days on trumped up charges of public violence, trespassing, kidnapping and intimidation.

26 BLF members arrested while protesting inside Thuli Madonsela’s office

6 October 2016: March to Office of PP

BLF led a march to the former PP’s office on 6 October 2016 comprising of over 400 protesters. On this occasion the PP refused to meet BLF outside her office to receive a memorandum.

6 to 7 October 2016: Overnight 24 hour picket at Office of PP

BLF engaged in a overnight picket (from 6 to 7 October 2016) at the former PP’s office.

10 to 14 October 2016: Overnight 24 hour picket at Office of PP

BLF engaged in continuous 24 hour pickets at the former PP’s office over the period 10 to 14 October 2016.

14 October 2016: March to Office of PP

BLF led a march to the former PP’s office on 14 October 2016 again comprising of over 400 protesters. On this occasion the PP refused to meet BLF outside her office to receive a memorandum.
the march to her office on 14 October 2016.

27 October 2016: High Court application to declare Gordhan conflicted & compromised as Minister of Finance

On 27 October 2016 BLF lodged an application with the high court seeking an order to declare Pravin Gordhan conflicted and compromised in that a conflict of interest situation prevails between himself as Minister of Financial and himself as shareholder in the various businesses including banks that have been responsible for firing Des van Rooyen and hiring him as Minister of Finance.

27 October 2016: Fees Must Fall March to Parliament

On 27 October BLF participated in Fees Must Fall protest march to Parliament for Free Education. It’s mobilizing and organizing slogan was #PravinMustGo and #26billion. To this end it lead a protest action inside parliament and was later forcibly removed by parliament security for disrupting Gordhan’s mid term budget speech in terms of which he didn’t provide any solution for free education.

16 November 2016: BLF opened case against Johann Rupert &.18 others

On 16 November 2016 BLF opened a case with the South African Police Services (SAPS) against Johann Rupert and 16 others who were involved in the theft of R26 billion from SARB as suggested in CIEX and or the Heath investigation. BLF has also requested that the case be looked into by the HAWKS. To this end BLF is proceeding with the following against the perpetrators:

– Criminal charges including that of fraud, embezzlement, corruption, offences relating to insider trading and breaching the Company’s Act;
– Criminal or Civil Court order for a declaration of unfitness regarding some of the perpetrators to serve as Director or Manager of any banking or financial institution
– Recovery of money to the extent that the perpetrators had benefited from the illegal lifeboat subventions; and
– Reparations arising from the commission of criminal anti people offences by the perpetrators (that of fraud, embezzlement, corruption, breach of the Company’s Act and offences relating to insider trading).

The following is a list of the perpetrators implicated in the theft of the R26 billion from SARB:

3. Aero-spatiale/Daimler-Chrysler
4. ABSA.
5. Minister of Finance, Barend Du Plessis, (who was in office as Minister of Finance from 1984–1992).
6. Attie Du Plessis.
7. Christian Lodewyk Stals (SARB Governor from 8 August 1989 to 7 August 1999)
8. Marinus Daling (Deputy Chair of Sanlam Limited from 1993 and later from 1997 Chair of Sanlam Limited).
9. Danie Cronje (Deputy Chief Executive and Group Chief Executive of ABSA from 1987 to 1997).
10. Anton Rupert (founder and owner of Rembrandt).Anton Rupert passed away on 18 January 2006. Legal recourse must be sought against his estate, alternatively the beneficiaries of his estate.
11. Johan Rupert (Vice Chair of Rembrandt Group from 1989 to 2000.
12. James Havelock Cross (Deputy Governor of SARB from 1997 to 1999 and Senior Deputy Governor since 1999).
13. Thabo Mbeki (Deputy President of RSA from 1994 to 1999, and; President from1999 to 2008).
14. Dullah Omar (Minister of Justice from 10 May 1994 to 14 June 1999. Died on 13 March 2004)
15. Trevor Manuel (Minister of Finance from 4 April 1996 to 10 May 2009)
16. Alexander Erwin (Minister of Trade and Industry from 1996 to 2004)
17. Tito Mboweni (Minister of Labour from 1994 to 1998)

23 November 2016: Solidarity March for reinstatement of black journalist Steve Motale

Steve Motale supporters march to The Citizen

On 23 November 2016 BLF participated in a solidarity March with the Forum of Journalists for Transformation (FJT), Transform RSA, Communications Workers Union (CWU), Cosas, Patriotic Alliance (PA), and others – to the offices of The Citizen newspaper to demand the upliftment of the suspension of a black journalist Steve Motale by the Citizen . Motale has been editor of the newspaper since 2013 and had extended the scope of state capture to reveal the role of white capital. To this end Motale and the journalist Vicky Abrahams, exposed how Trevor Manuel was involved in awarding tenders to the value of R100 million without following due process to Barone, Budge & Dominick (BB&D), a white owned software development company. Motale was suspended. In the statement, publisher Eureka Zandberg told staff: The Citizen newspaper has subsequently on 28 November 2016 terminated the employment contract of Steven Motale.

25 November 2016: Africa Solidarity March

On 25 November 2016 BLF joined the “Association of Yorubas in Diaspora, South Africa” (AYIDSA) and the “Africa Diaspora Forum” in the Africa Solidarity March to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA). This protest action related to the issue concerning the “Ordeal of Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Other Marginalized Categories of Undocumented Migrants in South Africa”. To this end, attention was brought to the intolerable treatment that these people are subjected to at the designated Reception Offices. The complaint is that often asylum-seekers, refugees and other marginalised categories of migrants who, upon going to the relevant reception offices of the DHA to renew their passports, are subjected to their passports being seized and them being arrested and detained in the Lindela Repatriation Facility which has been built specifically to jail “undocumented migrants before deportation or repatriation”.

The memorandum given to the DHA called for, amongst other things:

– Improved and structured co-operation on the part of the DHA with all partners in respect of all administrative complaints relating to status determination. This cooperation should be formalised and subject to independent oversight and;
– A transparent and fair complaints handling mechanism.

29 November 2016: Picket at SAA Headquarters

On 29 November 2016 BLF held a picket at the SAA Head Quarters to protest the illegal conduct of Minister Pravin Gordhan who had signed a deal with Bain & Co (a business owned by Coleman Andrews) to privatise 25% of the SAA and to this end had directed the Board to effect his decision. BLF has already asked for a Commission of Inquiry into the conduct of the same Coleman Andrews who looted SAA and bankrupted it. In this regard BLF has written an urgent letter to the Board and to the State President asking them to halt the illegal instruction from Gordhan.

10 December 2016: Protest March against corruption & call for Judicial Commission of Inquiry

On 10 December 2016 starting from 10 am at the Union Buildings grounds in Pretoria, BLF conducted a protest March against all corruption to The Presidency and called for Judicial Commissions of Inquiry into the conduct of the Ruperts, Guptas and Banks

To this end two important Judicial Commissions of Inquiry (JCOI) are instructive.

Firstly, BLF had already in March 2016 called for a JCOI on SA state capture by white capital involving the following people both personally and in their stated capacities:

1. SA Businessman and Chairman of Richemont , Johann Rupert
2. Barclays Africa Group Chief Executive Officer, Maria Ramos;
3. Goldman Sachs’ South Africa head Colin Coleman;
4. Investec Bank’s global CEO, Stephen Koseff;
5. Imperial Holdings’ CEO, Mark Lamberti;
6. Sanlam CEO, Ian Kirk;
7. Business Leadership South Africa chairperson, Bobby Godsell;
8. Toyota Europe CEO, Johan van Zyl
9. First Rand CEO, Johan Burger

We asked that the Judicial Commission of Inquiry probes into the involvement of Johann Rupert & eight others in respect of, amongst others, the following issues:

– The subversion of the Constitution as well as all the Arms of State including the Legislature in terms of which the President is accountable to – through the people.

– Illegal usurpation of the constitutional and other legal powers of the President.

– The firing of Des van Rooyen from the post of Finance Minister and the hiring of Pravin Gordhan in the same post.

BLF now calls for the scope of Judicial Commission of Inquiry to be extended to allow for all complaints on state capture including by white capital as indicated above and by the Guptas.

Secondly, BLF called for a JCOI on the Banks with the terms of reference including inter alia to probe the alleged collusion of banks in the closure of the Oakbay bank accounts; any corrupt activities as alleged in the media and by political parties around the illicit movement of money by Oakbay; and bank practices around racist differential treatment of clients. We noted the recommendations of the Inter Ministerial Committee chaired by Minister Mosebenzi Zwane on banks. We called for these recommendations to be implemented without any further delay. The POA in this regard shall involve, amongst other things, concentrated, daily direct action until our demands are met by the Presidency.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)
30 December 2016

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