Open letter to the leadership of Black First Land First (BLF) 

I have been following your thought provoking opinion pieces and need to commend you on the way you are so sharply consistent with facts raising issues of national importance i.e Land and Economy. Your opinion pieces are informed by mature critical thinking and processing of issues. I applaud you for that. 

BLF leadership, I have noted reports that you have taken a conscious decision that your members shall be at Orlando Stadium on 8th January 2017 to critically engage ordinary members of the ANC on the issues of national importance. Amongst other issues that you will engage on is the issue of Land. You are asking a key question: Should blacks buy back stolen land or not? 

Before answering this fundamental question let me quote the words of Bantu Biko:  “We do not want to be reminded that it is we, the indigenous people, who are poor and exploited in the land of our birth…”

At the current moment, the exploitative anti-black ownership patterns of land in the country is appalling. This cannot be ignored in the name of building unity. It is one of the key contributors towards the high level of inequality in our country. 

I thought I will answer your question but I’m tempted to quote Frantz Fanon when he said  “For a colonised people the most essential value, because the most concrete, is first and foremost the land: the land will bring them bread and, above all, dignity…”

There is no dignity in being a backyard dweller, a tenant in flats paying exorbitant rental fees to cruel parasitic landlords, having bonded land in complex/suburb having exorbitant fees to foreign owned banks and lilly white corporate bodies, staying on the river banks of Jukskei or rat invested squalor of Phillipi. There is no dignity at all if you are landless. 

I applaud you for raising sharply the issue of land ownership in the country. Furthermore I applaud you for showing political maturity and tolerance that you can even go to an ANC event and engage ANC members on this matter. 

It is my personal conviction that if your item is stolen and found, you cannot pay the thief for taking it before it can be returned to you. What must happen, is for you to get the item and let the law take its course with the one who stole your item. On the question that you raised, I will definitely respond to that on the 8 January 2017 at Orlando Stadium. 

Before I sign off, let me also applaud your campaign against imperialists regime change in South Africa. Your campaign exposes the agenda of imperialists and their proxies/stooges. Your “Hands off Zuma – Economic Librration Now” campaign is informed by facts that the imperialists are going all out to influence who should govern SA and for the sole interests of the imperialists. They are using their well funded machinery to get even fellow blacks to consciously or unconciously be advocates of regime change agenda. 


Sediko Rakolote
Member of African National Congress
Twitter: SedikoR
Facebook: Sediko Rakolote  

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