The myth of “State capture” by the Guptas 

The myth of “State capture” by the Guptas 

Below is an extract of the founding statement dated 24 March 2016 by the National Convener of Black First Land First (BLF), Andile Mngxitama, in support of the criminal charges laid against Johann Rupert and 8 others as well as a complaint laid with the Office of the Public Protector to investigate “white corruption including white state capture”:

The following reasons are behind the theory of the “State Capture” by the Guptas and the anti-Gupta campaign:

1. White capital in general remains the enemy of black liberation and has captured both state and economy. Regarding the case at hand, the relevant institutions and individuals of white capital include:

a. SA Businessman and Chairman of Swiss luxury group Richemont, Johann Rupert
b. Barclays Africa Group Chief Executive Officer, Maria Ramos;
c. Goldman Sachs’ South Africa head Colin Coleman;
d. Investec Bank’s global CEO, Stephen Koseff;
e. Imperial Holdings’ CEO, Mark Lamberti;
f. Sanlam CEO Ian Kirk;
g. Business Leadership South Africa chairperson Bobby Godsell;
h. Toyota Europe CEO Johan van Zyl and
i. FirstRand CEO Johan Burger

This is why the “markets” were given who they demanded – Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance. The rating agencies were used by white capital to get the SA state to comply to their demands and ultimately surrender.

2. The Guptas are threatening white capital that’s why they are targeted.

3. The Guptas Must Go campaign was hatched in London as “state capture by the Guptas” by the global racist capitalist propaganda machine such as Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Economist, Independent of Uk, New York Times.

4. The Guptas are victims of the propaganda war of White Capital and by extension Capitalist Imperialism.

5. White Capital has in fact fired Des van Rooyen and hired Pravin Gordhan. Here there is no outcry but allegations suggesting that the Guptas are hiring Ministers breaks the gates of hell.

6. A call to fight the Guptas in the current context is part of pursuing and serving the London-agenda. Why was there no call for the Guptas to go after the Waterkloof scandal? Why is there no campaign since the Marikana Massacre that Lonmin must go?

7. White Capital is angry with President Zuma because of his “look East strategy” more especially to the BRICS (Russia, India, China, Brazil) countries. White Capital is fearful that Zuma might be moving on an anti-imperialist agenda based on the contextual formation of BRICS as well as the anti-imperialist historical legacies of BRICS members.

8. The sins (for competing with White Capital) of the Guptas are insignificant compared to the real enemy (White Capital). The analogy here is that white capital has stolen the vehicle and the Guptas have subsequently taken the wiperblades from white capital. Consequently setting the people on the Guptas for the wiperblades only serves to divert attention and energy away from the real enemy, being white capital.

9. The SA media has entered the battle on the side of the London Agenda and are pushing the theory of “state capture” by the Guptas as well as the linked campaign “Guptas Must Go”. The media is not after the truth! It has failed to ask the right questions so as to adduce the necessary evidence to support the said allegations. It is busy fabricating baseless and empty “evidence” to suit the theory of “state capture” and their anti Gupta campaign.

10. Pravin Gordhan has been protected from criminal investigation by the Hawks (SARS Rogue Unit) because he is the Minister of White Capital. All the London agents supply SARS with the neo liberal agenda and budget.

11. There is emerging evidence that the London attack is well coordinated against the BRICS countries (Brazil downgraded and a new regime change mobilization has been orchestrated).

12. The main campaign of White Capital is to get rid of the Guptas. There is a treacherous desperation to proceed with haste to get rid of the Guptas. So much so that the Financial Mail (FM) on 14 March 2016, was calling for Zuma to go (by unconstitutional means) due to his alleged complicity in the act of “state capture” by the Guptas – this is effectively a call for a coup against President Zuma!

13. The Financial Times Jonas report, Vytjies Mentor’s facebook declaration and Jonas’ subsequent “admission” that he was offered the ministerial position of Finance Minister – all kept the “state capture” story alive but failed to provide the material evidence to support the allegations against the Guptas.

From the point of view of building an anti imperialist, anti white monopoly capital perspective so as to maintain our commitment to true liberation we cannot be fighting the Guptas under the command of our enemies, white capital, who still own the land and mineral wealth in SA.

12 January 2017

Issued By Black First Land First
National Secretariat for Political Education

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