A call for all black youth to demand white capital pays back stolen R26bn

The Black First Land First – Student Movement (BLF-SM) calls upon the unemployed black youth, those who are being economically and/or academically excluded, expelled, as well as those who are interdicted and/or are facing legal action to come together and demand that all those implicated in the R26 billion stolen at the latter stages of apartheid including, ABSA, to pay back the money!

BLF-SM has maintained that the call for the return of the stolen R26 billion is the call for free decolonised education.

BLF-SM notes that some of those implicated in protecting crimes and corruption by white monopoly capital have been funding the #FeesMustFall (FMF) movement, namely Thuli Madonsela and Thabo Mbeki. While we agree that we must take money from all corners of society to serve our liberation, we must be wise to the sinister motives of the above mentioned, amongst others, who openly defend whites who stole our money, land and whom have also supported the imperialist agenda.

BLF-SM calls on all black youth to commit to ‘Peace Amongst Blacks – War Against the Enemy’. The call is to all black people, whether they find themselves in the Pan Africanist Student Movement of Azania (PASMA), Economic Freedom Fighters Student Congress (EFF-SC), Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) or any other political formation and/or are part of the broader FMF movement. It’s time to break rank with those who defend and advance the imperialist regime change agenda, and whom are willingly tainted by their continual defense of these white criminals who stole more than R26 billion from the black youth! It’s time to put black people first!

Furthermore, BLF-SM calls on all black people, particularly the unemployed black youth and FMF community, to join the call to the Presidency and the treasury to use the recovered billions of rands from white capital in a special fund for unemployed black youth and the struggle for free decolonised education.

Practically, the R26 billion returned must go toward implementing the revolutionary curriculum that seeks to prepare the black youth to make and defend the impending land revolution.

It’s time we move from #RhodesMustFall to #RupertMustFall! From #FeesMustFall to #UmhlabaNow!

No longer can Johan Rupert, who is one of the criminals who is implicated both in state capture as well as the theft of R26billion, shape the thinking of our people as the Chancellor of The University of Stellenbosch!

If we don’t prepare the black youth and make a revolution, Johan Rupert’s statue will stand at Stellenbosch University like Cecil John Rhodes statue stood at University of Cape Town!

The revolutionary curriculum must be implemented and the R26billion can make this possible! It should focus on unemployed black youth, black high school learners and first year tertiary students. It should include history, culture & language, farming and building and an Afrikan literature-centered library.

BLF-SM is currently preparing the revolutionary curriculum and will be piloting the “Bantu Vukani Schools Program” in high schools around the country!

Join the revolutionary Black First Land First-Student Movement in the struggle for a Free Decolonised Education in a Decolonised Society!

The #BLFvictory is a victory for all black people

Issued by the National Secretariat for Student Affairs

14 January 2017

Lindsay Maasdorp
[email protected]
079 915 2957

Nosipho Makhaye
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076 891 4209

Mandla Mbuyisa
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Twitter: @BLACK1stLAND1st
Facebook: BlackFirstLandFirst

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