Maria Ramos lies to ABSA shareholders and the public

Maria Ramos lies to ABSA shareholders and the public

Black First Land First (BLF) is shocked by the lies peddled by the CEO of Barclays, Maria Ramos, in her response to the leaked Public Protector report into ABSA. BLF is a stakeholder in the ongoing investigation by the Public Protector, Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane, on the R26 billion stolen from the South African Reserve Bank(SARB) by white monopoly capital, including ABSA.

Ramos chose to mislead the shareholders of ABSA and the public by inventing lies created out of a selective application of facts. Ramos has chosen delay tactics and distortions instead of being ethical and truthful. Her response doesn’t reflect an attitude of someone who is co-operating with the Public Protector but rather of someone who is behaving like a criminal covering up wrong doing.

Ramos has hired senior council to try find every possible excuse to avoid accounting and taking responsibility for the theft of public funds.

Ramos has chosen to hide behind the Judge Davis recommendations which are themselves open to questioning but she says nothing about his finding that unlawful acts were committed which implicate ABSA. Judge Davis is wrong to absolve ABSA of the liability to repay the funds it unlawfully benefited from. How can stolen property ever be exchanged on “fair value”? This is unethical.

If Ramos is going to rely on prior investigations she can’t pick and choose which she likes and be silent on the damning findings of other investigations. For instance, Judge Heath, like Davis, found that unlawful activities were committed implicating ABSA. Heath went further and found that ABSA was liable to pay back the money. However, like Davis, Heath bulked unethically from recommending ABSA to pay. His reasoning that such a recommendation would affect the banking sector adversely is tantamount to institutionalising crime and corruption and can’t be sustained.

Ramos is furthermore strategically silent on the findings of Ciex which have been corroborated by the preliminary findings of the Public Protector. Ciex logically and factually found ABSA liable to pay back the money.

Ramos must not worry about Sanlam, it’s going to pay for its own sins.

We call on the shareholders of ABSA, specifically Barclays, which has benefited from proceeds of a crime, to show moral rectitude and distance itself from Ramos and her dirty tactics and demand she pay back the money stolen by ABSA by virtue of having acquired benefit from a criminal activity.

BLF furthermore wishes to inform both the ABSA shareholders and the public that a criminal case has been opened against ABSA and is being investigated by the HAWKS. Ramos is wasting both the financial resources of ABSA in defending the indefensible and also wasting the time of the people of South Africa.

The cat is out of the sack, now the only ethical course of action left for ABSA is to confess, repent, and pay back the money.

BLF asks Ramos to stop with the delays and ensure ABSA pays back the money. This money will be used towards creating employment for the black youth and also contribute towards the Fees Must Fall process.

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

14 January 2017

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