BLF-SM calls for Blade Nzimande to go!

BLF-SM calls for Blade Nzimande to go!

Black First Land First Student Movement (BLF-SM) welcomes the transfer of powers away from institutions of higher learning to the Higher Education ministry.

President Zuma has signed the Higher Education Amendment Act, and given Minister Blade Nzimande more power to intervene in universities.

The change basically means that institutions of higher learning under the direction of racist white chancellors like Max Price, Albert Van Jaarsveld and others will no longer be able to bully student leaders in the interest of their donors. It further means that “apartheid” institutions like the University of Stellenbosch under the chancellorship of Johann Rupert will no longer be able to simplistically maintain Afrikaner nationalism and advance black oppression through its anti-black racist program, with absolute impunity.

While we as BLF-SM agree with the transfer of power away from white racists heading the institutions, we say getting rid of the white racist chancellors and vice chancellors all together. President Zuma we say anyone who gets to be Vice Chancellor, must be black women who are revolutionary.

BLF-SM further warns President Jacob Zuma that just because the powers have been moved away from white racists, does not mean the solution is clear cut.

Removing these white racists can also mean that those who want to push regime change agendas can do it through the ministry.

In August 2016, President Zuma told Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande and Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan to maintain the cap on fees and to not increase fees for 2017, rather they should find the money within treasury.

Why did Blade Nzimande and Pravin Gordhan defy President Zuma?

President Zuma needs to note this defiance and recognize that though the powers have now been moved to Minister Blade Nzimande, he does not have the interest of the black majority at heart. In fact it’s easy to see that in defying the president he acted with Pravin Gordhan, who is openly known to be hand picked by the anti-black racist Chancellor of the University of Stellenbosch, Johann Rupert.

BLF-SM thus recognizes the good decision taken to shift power from white racists institution leaders, but warns that the power will remain in the hands of racist Rupert via his President-defying agents.

BLF-SM thus calls for the firing of Blade Nzimande and the replacement of white racist chancellors an Vice Chancellors. BLF-SM calls for the appointment of a minister who will prioritize the black majority and the struggle for free decolonised education, and further calls for the appointment of black people who prioritise the black majority and our liberation, as chancellors and vice chancellors who can champion the decolonization within the institution.

Issued by the National Secretariat for Student Affairs
18 January 2017

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