BLF-SM calls on Fees Must Fall funders to picket Absa

BLF-SM calls on Fees Must Fall funders to picket Absa

Black First Land First Student Movement (BLF-SM) calls on Fees Must Fall and its funders Zwelinzima Vavi, Jay Naidoo, Thuli Madonsela and the Nelson Mandela Foundation to join the ABSA Picket for Free Decolonised Education


Fees Must Fall or the fallist movement at large is an anti-imperialist movement that seeks to end the white supremacist anti-black racist capitalist patriarchal world.

In practice this means ridding the University of Stellenbosh of the anti-black racist Chancellor, Johan Rupert, taking back the stolen land in his hands, and making him pay his portion of the R26 billion stolen from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) at the end of apartheid.

Just like Johan Rupert must pay, CEO of ABSA, Maria Ramos must also pay back the money as prescribed by the public protector, Busisiwe Mkhwebane.

BLF-SM has long argued that the R26 billion stolen must directly assist unemployed youth and the FMF struggle for Free Decolonised Education. In fact, when the #BLF26 went to prison for calling for the return of the stolen money, we said the struggle for the #R26billion is the struggle for #FeesMustFall.

The FMF movement and its donors finds itself in a quagmire. Perhaps more honestly it’s only the FMF movement because it’s donors have taken a clear position.

Will FMF movement come out and support the call for the return of the #R26billion? Will the movement be a part of #UniteOccupyABSA?

If FMF takes this position they would maintain their position as anti-imperialist, but should they not, it would strikingly reveal how funders control the position and action of the movement.

Historically it’s important to note that Thabo Mbeki and Jay Naidoo were part of the Nelson Mandela legacy and were members of the African National Congress National Executive Committee (ANC NEC) when Growth, Employment and Redistribution (GEAR) and the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP), was introduced, and it is known Rupert needed to “okay” these policy positions, which have maintained black “people” as oppressed in their own land.

Jay Naidoo, and later Zwelinzima Vavi, led COSATU both garnering workers support for openly anti-black policies of the ANC, and key to note they were unable to destroy outsourcing, something the fallist student and workers alliance have been defeating institution by institution.

Strikingly we know Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan was handpicked by Rupert, and the case of white state capture is being investigated. Gordhan’s nephew Ketso is a director in Jay Naidoo’s investment group holdings company. The both having benefited from Pravin Gordhan’s intervention in the Mango Airlines lucrative aircraft lease contract to Macquarie where they are shareholders.

It’s also key to note that recently Thuli Madonsela was employed at the University of Stellenbosch, the same institution where Johann Rupert is the chancellor.

This is the same Madonsela who refused to investigate the theft of #R26billion, for which Rupert is implicated. Madonsela had many excuses, at one time stating pre-1994 crimes fall outside her jurisdiction.

The question then becomes, will #FeesMustFall break rank with the hand that feeds, or will it forsake its fight against white supremacist anti-black racist capitalist patriarchy?

We know where it’s funders stand. They are agents of white monopoly capital. They have openly and consistently served the call of white racists. In fact it is becoming more and more obvious that their involvement in FMF is motivated by their service to white monopoly capital.

In 2015, Rhodes Must Fall (RMF) (recently noted that FMF is the economic desk of RMF) came out and supported the #ThisFlag protest, which was an imperialist attack aimed to reverse Zimbabwe’s land revolution.

Does the same fate wait for Fees Must Fall? Will Fees Must Fall be remembered as a group of youth who once believed in uprooting colonialism but now serves the colonizer?

BLF-SM calls on all fallists to remain true to the fight against white supremacist antiblack racist capitalist patriarchy.

BLF-SM maintains the fight for #R26billion is the fight for Free Decolonised Education.

BLF-SM calls on all black people, even the funders, to break rank with white monopoly capital; but critically fallists must come, unite, occupy ABSA as we force them to pay back the money, for free Decolonised education.

Issued by the National Secretariat for Student Affairs

21 January 2017

Lindsay Maasdorp
[email protected]
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Nosipho Makhaye
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076 891 4209

Mandla Mbuyisa
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Twitter: @BLACK1stLAND1st
Facebook: BlackFirstLandFirst

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