Black First Land First Movement says: Farm workers are slaves! Give them land!

Black First Land First Movement says: Farm workers are slaves! Give them land!

Such is the nature of the antiblack racist society, that the black person maintains the white person as human as the white person maintains the black “person” as subhuman.

The ongoing and fast revealing acts of antiblack racism, makes it harder and harder for the black majority to believe the illusion that the rainbow nation is reality. Yet it still seems that every time a white person, like Penny Sparrow or Johann Erasmus reveals the truth
about the collective white racist society, the liberal whites rise to isolate an incident as if it is not them too.

White people are racist! There are no better whites, the do-gooder, the liberal, they are all the same! White people are racist! They will remain engaging us as animals in a cage for as long as they enjoy the land they stole, our labor which they enslaved us too through capitalism, and we continue to be stripped of all our ways of living.

Linda Steenekamp’s gratitude to racist Erasmus for the lift she received is indicative of all black “people” who embrace the cage as a gift from white people!

White people have colonized our minds, our response to the oppressor is on autopilot. We have no way of recognizing our oppression even when we are enduring it. Our lot as black people is to be oppressed, caged from town to town; while our oppressor enjoys their gift of delivering an inhumane gift to another community.

There’s no difference between Linda Steenkamp, Julius Malema or Cyril Ramaphosa. They are in a cage, thankful to the master for the journey they take. Julius listens to Lord Robin Renwick. Steenkamp thanks Erasmus. Ramaphosa obeys Johann Rupert.

Black “people” without black consciousness are like empty tins floating at sea. No purpose other than to be tossed around by antiblack racist whites, who wave instructions and too whom we gush our praise.

It is only through pumping black consciousness into this empty shells that we can see black “people” being people again.

A recognition by Steenkamp that in fact black “people” can be human and that to be human it’s to respond to injustice rendered against oneself. That to simply sit idle in a cage remaining stripped of land is not a solution. But rather in principled black unity, Steenkamp, Malema, Ramaphosa and all black people should break the chains and fight the enemy anti-black racist whites, hand in hand as we take back the land!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

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22 January 2016

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