Update on BLF visit to Booysens in Hercules 

Update on BLF visit to Booysens in Hercules 

Black First Land First (BLF) is at the Bramer squatter camp, supporting the people who have been attacked by whites. We are reminding our people that Azania is our country. All of South Africa belongs to black people. Julius Malema gave white people power in Tshwane, our people are powerless. ANC does not do anything for our people. It is our natural right to defend ourselves. We must remind white people that this is our land. We are here as BLF to support the community of Bramer.

One Community member says: “I’m one of the people affected – these Boers poured petrol on our shacks with my little baby in the shack. We are requesting a solution. Our councillors came to us to request the people to stay and then the whites came with guns and shot at us. Where must we go? Police came to shoot at us and did nothing to the whites – did nothing to them.”

It is clear black people don’t have a government that works in its interests. Councillors,  we are in trouble.  I thought the war was over during apartheid. It is clear that when you’re black you remain black. Same as what happened in Mamelodo – the police instead of protecting poor people from the whites that shoot us , didn’t protect us. We are not sure of the police themselves anymore – they are not protecting us. There seems to be no solution as police are biased against the people. Why are they attacking us ?One of the officials in the municipality does need to give us clear answers”.

National Convenor of BLF, Andile Mngxitama speaking to the community said that, “we need more black people to occupy land here. They can’t tell us where to stay?”

From this situation that prevails, the agreed way forward is:

1. Land First is the solution.
2. We must protect this community – we must erect the shacks.
3. We want a police van permanently at the Bramer settlement.
4. We want the case numbers of the criminal cases against the whites who shot at our people?
5. Occupation and relocation must happen tomorrow, 31 January 2017.
6. We can only be peaceful to those who are peaceful to us.

To those who gave the white people power in Tshwane, our message to you is, “what has happened to us, is the result of you giving whites power in Tshwane”.



30 January 2017

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