BLF Gauteng Province statement on Jabulani Flats evictions

BLF Gauteng Province statement on Jabulani Flats evictions

“The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed.” – Bantu Steve Biko

Black First Land First (BLF) Gauteng Province notes the forceful eviction taking place in Jabulani Flats in Soweto were more than 300 families are being left stranded by Godzilla Security Company (Private Company).

The residents of Jabulani informed BLF that the flats were ‘Rent for Life’, but upon their investigations they found out that the flats were actually ‘Rent to Buy’ for a period of four years and by nature of properties no one or any part is allowed to sell or rent to a new tenant besides the one who has signed the lease form.

When the residents of Jabulani Flats went to apply for bond housing they were told that they don’t qualify as they have subsidies on the flats, and own the flats.

The flats belong to the government. A capital grant of R58 million was given to the company Madulammoho Housing Association to build 300 units (flats) and the Madulammoho Housing Association is a private company owned by a white man from Netherlands.

An amount of R18 million was taken from 300 families as they were subsidised by the government and they continued to pay the rent, it only came to their realisation when they were applying for housing bonds.

The families started staying in the flats from March 2013, and March 2018 will mark 5 years of them owning the flats.

Black First Land First Gauteng Province calls on the community of Gauteng to unite against evictions of our Black people in our mother land. BLF leaders in Gauteng will be everywhere evictions will be taking place.

As per our National Strategic Planning Resolutions, taken in Durban from 11th to 16th of December, 2017 is a year of BLF occupying land and empty houses, why be homeless when there are empty houses and when we have land owned by land thieves?

Liberate the mind! Power to the Poor People!

We Are Everywhere Black People Are!!!



04 February 2017

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