BLF calls on President Zuma to reshuffle cabinet and the ANC caucus 

Black First Land First (BLF) notes the betrayal of black people by parliament on Tuesday, 27 February 2017. The ruling party and the opposition parties got involved in a predetermined process to serve white monopoly capital and land thieves. The so-called land debate was intended to avoid land redistribution and to undermine President Jacob Zuma’s call for “land expropriation without compensation”.

The opposition parties together, with the ANC caucus, first ensured that the draconian FICA Bill was adopted by the National Assembly. The FICA Bill gives unwarranted and undue powers to the banks. The same banks which have been shown to be involved in systematic corruption are given more powers via legislation by our parliament.

Recently the Competition Commission recommended that these banks be penalised by the payment of  fines on their part, because they had been involved in unlawful activities around the rand. We must recall the economic terrorism of December 2015 when banks ganged up to attack the South African economy, which in turn resulted in the loss of R500 billion in two days. The banks did this to force President Zuma to appoint Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance. Our parliament is not bothered by these criminal activities of the banks.

BLF was not surprised when the ANC caucus, led by Jackson Mthembu, openly defied the directive of President Zuma on the land question. In a predetermined move, the EFF proposed amendments to Section 25 of the Constitution and the ANC caucus opposed this. Whilst the EFF’s motives were not genuine because it has already given land thieves guarantees and political power in the metros, the ANC caucus should have accepted the challenge, so as to bring policy in line with the directive of the President.

The rejection of the motion to amend the Constitution to ensure “land expropriation without compensation” as directed by President Zuma was an act of brazen insubordination to sabotage the President.

The land question must not be used as a political football by both the ANC caucus and the EFF. The President can not do much about the political games of the opposition parties. But the President can and must do something about the ANC caucus.

We  call on the President to reshuffle cabinet without any further delay. Cabinet members are also members of the ANC caucus and by approving the position to go against President Zuma, they have also chosen to defy and spite the President for narrow political considerations linked to regime change. The President no longer enjoys the support of a cabinet he has appointed. It is now time to appoint a cabinet that supports his vision.

BLF also calls on the President to remove the ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu. He is on record for calling for regime change. Mthembu can no longer carry out his duties as per the political directive of the President. Mthembu is in opposition to the President and is marshalling the ANC caucus to act as an opposition party. If the President doesn’t reshuffle both the ANC caucus and cabinet, such an ommission to act would be seen as a tacit approval of their actions.

BLF calls on the components of the ANC alliance and leaders who want real transformation and land return to call for serious action against those who chose to defy the President in service of white monopoly capital and land thieves.

BLF calls for unity across the political divides in support of President Zuma’s call for land expropriation without compensation. It’s a national question that demands our unity of purpose irrespective of political affiliation.

Land belongs to the black majority and must be returned without any further delays.


2 March 2017

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