Notes on the ANN 7 interview of National Convener, Andile Mngxitama on 4 March 2017

Notes on the ANN 7 interview of National Convener, Andile Mngxitama on 4 March 2017

On President Zuma and Land expropriation

President Zuma has made the most important, the most significant pronouncement since 1994 – expropriation of land without compensation. If we get the  land question right, we can become a people again.

Julius Malema says “let’s unite, here’s our 6%, let’s expropriated land without compensation”. There was a chance. It doesn’t matter what his motives are.

We know that EFF knew what the intention of Mthembu and Hannekom  was. They colluded with them to play political games and sabotage the President. 

Malema must not play political games. If he was serious he would have called Zuma and said we as leaders let’s together call a press conference and speak with one voice to get land expropriation without compensation. Derek Hannekom, we must not listen to him. He was the first post 94 Minister  of Land. He was the one that drafted the anti black policies on land.

Zuma has given a clear direction – let’s get together and expropriate the land without compensation. We must stand by the President. We must all support President Zuma.

The proposed land audit by the President is not necessary. We must move from the historical fact that all land in white hands was taken from blacks – this is sufficient. Let us speak with one voice.  The church must come out. We don’t hear the church on this issue.  We don’t hear the BC and Pan Afrikanist organisations on this issue as well. They are silent.

We say to Julius Malema deal with President Zuma directly. Don’t listen to London. Offcourse there’s going to be constitutional problems but we must unite, speak with one voice and  move. The courts and the law will fall in line.

The ANC caucus led by Jackson Mthembu and Derek Hannekom are  sabotaging the President. The President has made the most important pronouncement since 1994, to expropriate land without compensation. He has even returned the Expropriation Bill  the National Assembly and asked them to work on it so that it incorporates land return without compensation.

The rejection of the motion by the caucus is an attack on the President. The President must recall this caucus.

When whites took our land there was no Constitution or requirement of a 2/3 majority to take the land – now we are expected to comply with those requirements.

We believe that land occupations on land taken by those who took it from us,  while the constitution is being changed, must be proceeded with. We say to white people if you regard yourself as South Africans share the land. In fact you must go further and say that the land belongs to black people. Irrespective, we are going to take the land anyways.

We support  Zikalala’s call from the ANC in KZN for the President to call a Referendum. Without land we are a powerless black majority. We are just voting slaves. We don’t have a country. We are nothing.

White people are racist because they have economic power. They have the power to employ a Zimbabwean for example and pay him lesser than a South African and instigate black on black violence. And our people engage in black on black violence because they are hungry. They don’t have land. Once they have land all the other social problems including black on black violence will be solved.

Issued by BLF, NCC

4 March 2017

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