On maintaining good political health of the movement

On maintaining good political health of the movement

On maintaining good political health of the movement

Message from the National Secretary for Political Education

We are currently experiencing the intensification of the global war for the consolidation of white imperialist power. In this context imperialism is sharpening its efforts to effect regime change in the country by removing the pro BRICS agenda President Zuma and replacing him with a puppet of imperialism, Cyril Ramaphosa. In this regard we have witnessed how opposition parties and civil society entities, in collaboration with imperialism, have tried to create a constitutional crisis in the country to lead it into paralysis. To this end Black First Land First (BLF) has counseled that the best form of defence is attack – hence its two pronged response to destroy the enemy via the campaigns #HandsOffZumaEconomicLiberationNow and #FightImperialismTakeBackTheLand.

Via the said campaigns, which BLF has set in motion, we have introduced a new dynamic in the political landscape that is turning the main narrative from “the enemy is President Zuma and the Gupta family” to “the real enemy is white settler monopoly capital in cohorts with its international wing, western imperialism”.

This backdrop sets huge tasks for the revolutionary process – tasks that can only be executed by a healthy movement. Hence the health and combat readiness of the revolutionary movement, that in turn is pioneering the way forward, is put into sharp focus. The health of the movement entails the political health of its members, both leadership and rank and file. On joining the BLF every member is expected to make the following undertaking:

“I undertake to abide by the aims and objectives of the Black First Land First Movement as set out in all its duly adopted founding documents and policy positions. I agree to honor the spirit and purport of the Constitution. I am joining the movement voluntarily and with no ulterior motive relating to serving my own interests or to personally gain materially.  I dedicate my life to the revolutionary struggle for total freedom of the black majority, and to this end, I will strive to be fearless in my efforts. I pledge my loyalty to the movement with the full understanding that this movement, BLF, will be used  to realize total freedom and the return of the land to the black majority without compensation! Black First Land First” – BLF Constitution

To honor this undertaking every member is compelled into being combat ready so as to ensure that the internal workings of the movement are constantly serviced. To do this certain mechanisms need to be in place and effectively utilized to its optimum. The call of the revolution is that BLF must strive to be a solid core with a lot of elasticity. To heed this call we have to be open to critism and self criticism – the life of the movement depends on it. Basically we either correct our mistakes individually and organizationally or we get terminally sick and die politically.

Our philosophical and ideological perspective suggests that Black First Land First (BLF) does not fear criticism because as a “Black Consciousness, Pan Afrikanist, Sankarist” movement the black truth is on our side. Also we genuinely serve the interests of the black majority – so why should we fear criticism.

As the fearless children of Biko, Sobukwe and Sankara  the revolution consistently urges us to execute our tasks responsibly and to strive to overcome all our difficulties.

On putting mechanisms in place to guarantee good political health, we have Black Consciousness, Pan Afrikanism and  Sankarism as our “weapon of criticism and self-criticism” through which we rid ourselves of any bad styles and retain all that is good. This puts us apart from all the other political parties in South Africa.

In relation to the logic of self criticism we take guidance from Mao Zedong when he said:

“…dust will accumulate if a room is not cleaned regularly, our faces will get dirty if they are not washed regularly. Our comrades’ minds and our Party’s work may also collect dust, and also need sweeping and washing. The proverb “Running water is never stale and a door-hinge is never worm-eaten” means that constant motion prevents the inroads of germs and other organisms. To check up regularly on our work and in the process develop a democratic style of work, to fear neither criticism nor self-criticism, and to apply such good popular … maxims as “Say all you know and say it without reserve”, “Blame not the speaker but be warned by his words” and “Correct mistakes if you have committed them and guard against them if you have not” – this is the only effective way to prevent all kinds of political dust and germs from contaminating the minds of our comrades and the body of our Party”. (“On Coalition Government” (April 24, 1945), Selected Works, Vol. III, pp. 316-17)

Mao reminds us of another important aspect regarding the issue of  “inner-Party criticism”. He instructively points out “… that some comrades ignore the major issues and confine their attention to minor points when they make their criticism. They do not understand that the main task of criticism is to point out political and organizational mistakes. As to personal shortcomings, unless they are related to political and organizational mistakes, there is no need to be overcritical or the comrades concerned will be at a loss as to what to do. Moreover, once such criticism develops, there is the great danger that within the Party attention will be concentrated exclusively on minor faults, and everyone will become timid and overcautious and forget the Party’s political tasks. (“On Correcting Mistaken Ideas in the Party” (December 1929), Selected Works, Vol. I, pp. 111-12)

Let’s heed the call of the revolution to execute our tasks via the maintainance  of  good political health. There’s important revolutionary work to be done! We must prepare ourselves accordingly!

We are the ones!

4 March 2017

Issued By Black First Land First
National Secretariat for Political Education

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