Sunday Times is the propaganda machine of Johann Rupert!

Black First Land First (BLF) notes the malicious fake news report by Sunday Times today, titled “‘White monopoly capital’ chosen distraction in PR strategy to clear Guptas“. The report is entirely based on lies and manufactured facts to tarnish the good name of our revolutionary movement which has been exposing the corruption of white monopoly capital with great success.

It is clear that Sunday Times has been instructed to lie about the opponents of white monopoly capital through the production of fake news.

BLF has been at the forefront of fighting against white settler monopoly capital and its main representative, Johann Rupert.

BLF has insisted that the office of the public protector investigate the findings of the CIEX report which shows that white capital stole R26 billion from the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). We have been vindicated by the public protector’s interim report showing that ABSA benefited unlawfully from apartheid looting and must pay back the money.

Johann Rupert and his late father, Anton Rupert, are amongst those who stole from the SARB. Johann Rupert knows he is next.

Furthermore, the Competition Commission has once again shown that BLF has been right all along about white banks as corrupt organizations. BLF also notes that the Competition Commission has found that Johann Rupert’s Unilever steals from the poor. Johann Rupert is the main name associated with white corruption but he is protected by the media he owns.

BLF notes that the campaign to try tarnish its name is well coordinated by Johann Rupert’s agents, including academics such as Pierre de Vos, who lies openly about BLF in the war to defend land thieves like Johann Rupert.

BLF shall not be intimidated by the bully boy tactics of Johann Rupert and his propaganda arm, the Sunday Times. BLF shall take the battle back to them.

BLF shall be undertaking the following actions:

1. Report the Sunday Times to the press ombudsman.
2. Instruct lawyers to take legal action against the Sunday Times.
3. Identify land illegally owned by Johann Rupert for occupation.

BLF has been reliably informed that Johann Rupert has practically turned the Sunday Times into his personal propaganda arm to attack his opponents. The Life Time Achievement award given to Johann Rupert by the Sunday Times was part of the PR campaign to rehabilitate the battered image of the Stellenbosch Mafia.

The question that Sunday Times must tell the nation is how much has Johann Rupert given the owners of Sunday Times, Times Media Group (TMG).

Like a real spoilt brat, Johann Rupert is angry that the Guptas have poached his spin doctors. He can’t believe he has been out manoeuvred so badly, now he is throwing his toys around and accusing all for his own ineptness.

BLF shall continue to demand action to be taken against white corruption. The Sunday Times lies and fake news won’t protect Johann Rupert. He will pay back the money stolen from SARB amongst others.


19 March 2017

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