BLF supports the appointment of Professor Malikane

BLF supports the appointment of Professor Malikane

Black First Land First Statement

Black First Land First (BLF) commends Minister Gigaba in his appointment of Professor Chris Malikane from Wits university as his advisor. Prof Malikane has an impeccable track record as an intellectual and academic working to answer the problems of oppression and exploitation of the black majority. Prof Malikane is a principled scholar and respected economist. His analysis is pro black and pro poor. His consistency since his student days as a warrior for black liberation marks him out as the kind of advisory to help the Minister move Treasury from the clutches of white monopoly capital.

BLF notes the hostile media reports from the Johann Rupert funded Sunday Times. The white owned media has started a demonisation campaign against Prof Malikane instead of engaging his radical ideas with depth and seriousness. BLF considers the proposal penned by Prof Malikane a sound road map to towards the much needed Radical Economic Transformation.

We call upon all honest intellectual and the uncaptured academics to engage with the proposal of Professor Malikane. On our part as a movement BLF shall be hosting a public debate in the “Malikane proposals”

BLF calls upon minister Gigaba to resist the noise of white monopoly capital and give an attentive ear to his able advisor. We call upon all progressive intellectuals and academics; organizations of the poor and excluded to support Professor Malikane in his delicate responsibility to help the Miniser leave the anti black; anti poor and corrupt legacy of Pravin Gordhan behind and put people before profits.

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