Andile Mngxitama thanks the participants of the Land Imbizo

This message is to all the participants of the historic National Land Imbizo held in Mofolo park, Soweto on 27 May 2017. We note that over 5000 black people participated in the Land Imbizo, including a delegation from Lesotho. The Land Imbizo announced an important Land Declaration and a Programme Of Action on land. We call on all our people, their organisations, the African royal families, African churches and civil society to engage and adopt the Soweto Land Declaration.

On behalf of Black First Land First (BLF) I wish to thank all the participants of the Land Imbizo, the musicians and poets, African royalty, trade unionists, the black miners (Zama Zamas), the students & learners, BLF leaders, members and volunteers. I would also like to thank the people of Soweto who showed our movement so much love. We thank you.

We also wish to welcome the more than 1000 people who used the occasion to formally join our movement. BLF is your home, let’s build it!

The work of implementing the Programme of Action starts now. In the next week, letters will be sent to all the stakeholders identified in the programme of Action, such as:

1. The state president, Mr Jacob Zuma.
2. The African royal families and traditional leaders
3. The African National Congress (ANC)
4. The South African Council of Churches (SACC)
5. Black political parties represented in parliament and those outside parliament.
6. Learners, students and youth formations
7. Cultural workers
8. Zimbabwean president, Mr Robert Mugabe

This work would be driven by a non-partisan Steering Committee.

Let’s take back the land!

Issued by Andile Mngxitama
Black First Land First (BLF) President

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