BLF says Zwane ke Bosso!

BLF says Zwane ke Bosso!

Today the Mineral Resources Minister, Mosebenzi Zwane, announced the most radical policy statement since 1994. The Mining Charter launched today is a brave and clear statement in the quest to return the stolen wealth of the nation back to black hands. Minister Zwane deserves nothing but the unwavering support of our people in the struggle to realize Radical Economic Transformation.

Black First Land First (BLF) supports the Mining Charter as a minumim program upon which the total reclamation of the economy can be realised. BLF would have loved an even higher percentage that is in line with its own policy directive. BLFs position is that of democratizing the economy via nationalization of 100% of the commanding heights which will in turn translate into direct ownership by the people. The State in this context will only regulate the collective ownership of the people.

However, we recognize that the measures contained in the Mining Charter are not at variance with the BLF position on mineral and natural resources policy. The only difference is the quantum of the ownership announced. We have to defend these minimums and escalate ownership as part of the consolidation of the transformation process.

Some of the more revolutionary provisions of the Mining Charter is the call for 30% black ownership in 12 months. This provision is even more revolutionary if we consider the fact that in 23 years, not even 5% black ownership has been achieved in the mining sector. It’s a brave and significant pronouncement in law. It shows genuine leadership to prescribe such a clear period upon which the target must be met.

Also, the Mining Charter prescribes that for all new licencing for mining, only applicants with 50% black ownership would be considered. This is another revolutionary measure which overnight would force white monopoly capital to transform if it wants new prospecting rights. Also the Charter legislates that 70% of the goods used in the mining sector must come from black suppliers. Furthermore regarding mining boards, 50% must be black and women representation must be 25%.

Also the communities, where mining is conducted, must be allocated 8% and the workers get an additional 8% stake. This is a revolutionary policy proposal which sets out direct ownership by the workers and the communities. Perhaps the most innovative and smart provision is that 1% turn over in the mining sector must go to blacks. This is the best way to beat compliance avoidance because turn over can’t be manipulated. The mining sector has over a trillion rand annual turn over. Now black people would benefit directly from this over and above any dividend declared etc. Minister Zwane has outdone himself in service of black people. These measures must be defended against all the reactionary forces representing white monopoly capital.

BLF notes the silence of the Charter on the Zama Zama miners. This is an area that needs clarification and strengthening. The Mining Charter is a good starting point for the transformation of the sector away from its colonial nature. Minister Zwane has given the best tribute to the warriors of June 16, 1976. They didn’t die in vain!

BLF calls on society to defend and further advance the provisions of the Mining Charter. Minister Mosebenzi Zwane has shown great leadership and vision. We are not surprised that the criminal cartel known as the Chamber of Mines has boycotted the launch of the charter. Furthermore, we are not fazed by the economic terrorism of the so called markets. The time for Radical Economic Transformation is now! Viva Minister Zwane o Bosso wena!


15 June 2017

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