Cosatu sold out workers!

Black First Land First (BLF) is appalled by the joint statement issued yesterday by the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) and white monopoly capital, represented by Business Leadership South Africa (BLSA).

The joint statement emanates from a two day meeting held between the two formations. From the statement, it’s clear that the main objective of the discussions were to find ways to sabotage Radical Economic Transformation (RET) and to form a united front between white monopoly capital and the labour aristocracy of Cosatu to undermine the Mining Charter.

Cosatu didn’t see it fit to raise any of the burning issues facing the working class in South Africa, such as ongoing retrenchments, slave-like working conditions, the refusal of white monopoly capital to invest equivalent of almost 40% of GDP held as cash and lying fallow in banks. Cosatu didn’t raise the issue of labour brokers who continue to enslave workers, nor the challenge of outsourcing and the institutionalised corruption of white monopoly capital.

Cosatu is a trade union of bosses against the workers. It is for this reason that it can have a two day meeting with the enemies of the working class and emerge with a statement that denounces Radical Economic Transformation and the revolutionary Mining Charter which will benefit the workers and the poor. This is not surprising because Cosatu has endorsed the butcher of Marikana – Cyril Ramaphosa, as their preferred candidate to be president of the country. For Cosatu, the Marikana massacre was not enough, now they want Ramaphosa to turn South Africa into a country where workers have no rights at all or if they demand any rights they will face bullets like the Marikana workers.

It’s a shame that Cosatu no longer hides its affiliation to the bosses and it’s open about its programme against Radical Economic Transformation.

The two day meeting with bosses proves beyond reasonable doubt that Cosatu has abandoned the ranks of workers and has defected to the bosses. No worker’s rights can be defended by Cosatu which is clearly opposing measures to advance the economic interests of the poor and working class such as the Mining Charter.

BLF calls on our people to reject Cosatu and its alliance with white monopoly capital against the poor and workers. BLF calls on workers to support Radical Economic Transformation and the Mining Charter. Furthermore, BLF calls on workers to be guided by the workers ideology that shows that the real ruling class and capturers of the state are White Monopoly Capital with whom Cosatu has now gone into political alliance with, in defence of their control and monopoly over the econcomy.

Down with sell outs down!
Forward with the Mining Charter forward!


27 June 2017

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