BLF President attacked by a white man at amaBhungane event

Black First Land First (BLF) President, Andile Mngxitama, was attacked by a white man at the amaBhungane event this evening in Braamfontein. Comrade Mngxitama had attended the public event to ask questions about the lies being written about him. The topic of discussion was “inside the #GuptaLeaks”. Mngxitama walked into the venue and sat down just as the event was about to start.

At this stage a group of comrades arrived and started singing. Two white men then approached Mngxitama, who was seated peacefully, in a threatening manner. One white man got close to the President and pushed him and said, “stop your bullshit”. Mngxitama was startled by this and the white man threatened by saying, “tell your people to stop their nonsense”. The white man was evidently physically threatening Mngxitama who in turn pushed the man back in self defence. The comrades subsequently intervened between the President and the white man.

Neither Mngxitama nor the BLF know who the people who came into the venue singing are? And if these people are organized we also do not know which organization they represent. These people are not members of BLF.

Mngxitama at one point tried to calm the situation down but the white participants shouted him down. He waited until the event started again and then asked that an apology be given to him. However, the event organisers and the Chairperson, who had witnessed the uncalled for intimidation, were not interested. They instead said that Mngxitama must go and open a case with the police.

What is clear is that there are people who are associated with the white owned media who have decided to attack both BLF members and its leadership so as to get them arrested under false accusations.

We reiterate; BLF shall not be silenced or intimidated. We shall continue to ask questions and exercise our right to freedom of expression.

Land or death!

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)
27 July 2017

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(National Spokesperson)
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(National Spokesperson)
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(Deputy National Spokesperson)
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