BLF Western Cape warns Johann Rupert, we are coming for our land!

BLF Western Cape warns Johann Rupert, we are coming for our land!

Black First Land First Western Cape (BLF-WC) continues to mobilise the black majority in line with the Land Declaration which agreed at the BLF Land Imbizo in Soweto to take back the land from land thieves such as Johann Rupert.

In the small community where apartheid division sees coloured and African separated in a way which mimics apartheid spatial divide; with a township next to a white owned farm known as Denneguer; more than 600 people signed the BLF land petition. These people answered the question “Should Black people buy back their stolen land?” with a resounding NO, and many joined BLF.

In the town of Franschoek, where Johann Rupert owns many farms, a car museum and much of the wealth, BLF was continuously monitored and followed by both private security and South African Police Services (SAPS).

Conversations with some of the community members revealed that they as workers on these white stolen farms, are underpaid, without running water and continuously ill treated.

BLF-WC visited two farms, including one which is owned by Rupert and warns Rupert that no private security, no police, no security fences and gates will stop us!

2017 is the year of the Land!

BLF-WC continues to pay homage to all the black lives that have been martyred in the struggle for land and in particular remembers Mthunzi Zuma, also known as Ras Moziah, as we wage war against the enemy.

BLF-WC invites all black people to join as we organise and struggle to take back the land!

One Settler! One bullet!


29 July 2017

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Ncedisa Mpemnyama
(BLF WC Provincial Chairperson)
Cell: +27 73 110 0334

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