BLF vs Helen Zille the colonialist in Western Cape High Court

BLF vs Helen Zille the colonialist in Western Cape High Court

Black First Land First (BLF) will, on Thursday, 24 August 2017 at 9am, meet the lawyers of the racist colonialism praise singer Helen Zille at the Equality Court which is held at the High Court of South Africa, Western Cape Division in Cape Town. The Court will conduct a preliminary hearing on the BLF’s complaint of racism against Helen Zille.

Helen Zille is a proud racist who praises colonialism. All sane people know that colonialism is the process of land dispossession and genocide against black people.
BLF understands colonialism to be one of the key corner stones of racism and white supremacy. We will fight colonialism until the land is returned and our people have received justice.

BLF warns our people against false leaders and organisations. We note that Juluis Malema has publicly lied to the nation. He said that his organisation will end it’s coalition with the Democratic Alliance (DA) if it did not remove Helen Zille as Premier of Western Cape. Malema has, following instructions from London, now chickened out and is still in coalition with the DA.

BLF seeks the following remedies against Helen Zille:

1. Zille must tell the public, which she has not done thus far, the following:

a. What motivated her to make the said racist utterances?
b. What is it that has since made her to change her mind and “apologise”?

2. Zille’s apology must translate into a commitment to employ her status as a public official, being that of the Western Cape Premier, to correct the colonial situation that her racist utterances serve to promote and justify.

3. To this end Zille must commit herself to destroying the basis of colonialism which is land theft from the black people. All land in white hands in South Africa is stolen property. In order to correct the historical injustice, all this land must be returned to the black majority without compensation. Zille must, because she spoke for all white people when she made her racist comments, tell whites to return the stolen land to blacks.

4. In this regard, as the Western Cape Premier and a key leader of the Democratic Alliance, she must lead her party into accepting the call to amend Section 25 of the current Constitution so as to realise land return to blacks without compensation.

5. Zille must also demonstrate her commitment to correcting the historical injustice of land theft by whites, by returning all the land in her hands.

6. The above penalty for BLF is the most appropriate one to impose on Zille. This is so because the destruction of racism is only possible once the institutional basis that makes individual acts of racism possible (such as that by Zille) has been eradicated, and racism shall continue to exist, so long as society is organized within the reality of white power.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)
23 August 2017

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