BLF warned Malema about the DA

BLF warned Malema about the DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) was never the better the devil – it is the ultimate devil. The DA in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality (NMB) has just shown up the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the United Democratic Movement (UDM) as its garden boys and voting cattle to keep it in power. Black First Land First (BLF) had consistently warned about giving political power to whites. Now the DA has shown just who is the boss. It is also clear that the EFF and UDM can do fokol about that – their job is to keep Helen Zille in power!

BLF notes that the DA after ill-treating the NMB Deputy Major and UDM deployee Mongameli Bobani, has swiftly removed him without any consultation with its coalition partners. The DA has entered into a new deal with Gayton Mckenzie’s Patriotic Alliance (PA) to render the UDM obsolete in the NMB. Yesterday via this deal the PA voted with the DA in favour of a motion of no confidence in the UDM Deputy Mayor. This resulted in the Deputy Mayor being removed from office. Mackenzie is now clearly giving the EFF a dose of its own bitter medicine by employing the EFF’s politics of “the better devil”. The DA, on the other hand, is exposed as being arrogant and not taking Julius Malema seriously.

It must be remembered that Malema has on numerous occasions threatened to break the EFF’s coalition with the DA. Now he is exposed as a noisy poodle of Helen Zille. The EFF can’t break the coalition with the DA for the simple reason that it was never its decision to enter into the coalition but the decision of its handler from London, Lord Robin Renwick. Only Renwick can break the coalition, not Malema.

Not long ago Malema said that if the DA does not remove Helen Zille as Premier of the Western Cape, then the EFF would break the coalition. The DA ignored Malema – Zille is still Premier of the Western Cape. All it took for Malema to back off from ending the coalition is one telephone call from London.

Only BLF is fighting Helen Zille and her racism because it is not captured by London like the EFF. Bantu Holomisa is a dizzy former homeland leader who follows the whims of white monopoly capital. The DA has shown him flames.

It’s sad to see how the EFF has been reduced to a complaining junior partner of the DA. The long statement issued yesterday by the EFF – which has been aptly reported as its “pathetic lament” to its “bosses, the DA” – shows that the DA never took the EFF seriously (not even in parliament) from day one. But Malema’s hands are tied by London. The EFF will remain in an abusive relationship with the DA until London decides otherwise.

It is absolutely clear that to vote for the EFF is to vote for the DA indirectly. In the next few days the PA may take the seat of the Deputy Mayor in NMB – Gayton Mckenzie has check mated his old rival. BLF also warns the PA: “Beware of whites. They are not your friends, ask Malema”.

BLF calls on black people to remain vigilant and to never give whites political power under any circumstances. The DA is not a “better devil”. It is the ultimate devil! The EFF has sold its soul to the devil for British pounds.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)
25 August 2017

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