BLF thanks President Jacob Zuma for ending the technical recession

Black First Land First (BLF) wishes to express its gratitude to President Jacob Zuma for helping end the crippling technical recession that was caused by Pravin Gordhan and his friends. New data released by Statistics South Africa yesterday shows that the country has moved out of the technical recession that has plagued the economy. This is thanks to President Zuma’s leadership which will never be acknowledged by the enemies of Radical Economic Transformation (RET).

President Zuma must be praised for ending the recession in the same way he is blamed when the economy is not doing well. BLF notes that the improved economic turn coincides with the removal of Pravin Gordhan as Minister of Finance. If there was any doubt about the correctness of the removal of Gordhan, now evidence shows it was indeed the correct move.

President Zuma must be applauded for removing Gordhan.

Furthermore, it’s noteworthy that the end of the recession goes against the wishes of white monopoly capital that wishes to deepen its economic terrorism for regime change. Leaders of regime change like Sipho Pityana of Save South Africa and AngloGold Ashanti have gone ahead and started to retrench over 8000 workers and are encouraging other bosses to do the same. The plan is to create economic hardship to instigate the poor against President Zuma. They want President Zuma gone because of his stance for land expropriation without compensation and they hate President Zuma because of BRICS and Radical Economic Transformation.

The economy is moving against the agenda of white monopoly capital and the opposition parties which are controlled by London and imperialism. They want an economic Armageddon like in Brazil and Venezuela and from this, mobilise the people for a counter-revolutionary process.

BLF notes that the South African economy is still white owned and therefore in the main, the end of the recession ironically benefits whites the most – the same whites who hate President Zuma. Black people are not out of recession, we have been in recession since 1652. Only the return of land and Radical Economic Transformation will end our permanent recession.

BLF calls on President Zuma to continue with calling for a change in the constitution to ensure land expropriation without compensation and also to move with speed to implement the Mining Charter. Our people need land and our people must benefit from the mineral wealth of the country. That’s how we will end recession for blacks.


6 September 2017

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