ENCA won’t hear from BLF Political Education head – here’s why

Yesterday, 14 September at 16:30 the Black First Land First (BLF) National Secretary for Political Education and Research Neo Mokatsanyane was scheduled to do an interview on ENCA’s Back Chat. The topic was on Julius Malema’s reactionary stance on the Durban Indian community and so called indian monopoly capital. But in fear of white monoply capital being further exposed was a risk that ENCA being Rupert Television was not willing to take. The interview was canceled without any apparent reason .

Julius Malema, on the 4th anniversary of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), called our Indian brothers and sisters racists and economic thugs. We in the BLF, taking from the Black Consciousness (BC) of Bantu Steven Biko and the Great Strini Moodely, believe those who are designated as black from the BC persepective are those who are by law or tradition socially, politically and economically discriminated as s group in South Africa and who see themselves as a unit in the struggle for liberation from white supremacy. In terms of this definition, the black people in South Africa are (as indicated by Steve Biko) those that come from the African communities, the so-called Coloured communities and so-called Indian communities.

BLF is aware of the bad relations between Africans and indians (Durban in particular) but we need to understand that the hierarchy between Africans and Indians was a strategy created by the colonial and apartheid system for the purpose of dividing and ruling the black people – unfortunately some of our Indian brothers and sisters have internalized this. The EFF is an organisation of hypocrites just like the biblical Pharisees because the African community has been divided along tribal lines to create a false hierarchy and hence a fake sense of superiority amongst the different so called tribes for example the the Xhosa speaking people have been made to believe that they are superior to the people of the other “tribes”. More recently there has been a rife upsurge of backward coloured nationalism. This itself stems from a false sense of tribal superiority on the part of the so called Coloured people. It is only black consciousness as the only, trial and tested, antidote that can heal our people . More so blacks can’t be racist because we black people as a group do not have institutional power to be racist. The primary contradiction remains white monopoly capital which is materially located in land theft. All contradictions amongst us black people are secondary and therefore subordinate to the primary contradiction. We as black people must unite to defeat white monopoly capital – it is only via this process that the land and dignity of blacks can be returned. It is also only land return that we can begin to live together in peace.

The 4th anniversary of the EFF was a mere grand spectacle for Julius Malema to call upon his followers to protect white monopoly capital. To this end he diverted the attention of our people to a non existent phenomenon called Indian Monopoly Capital. Julius Malema is a British Blood Hound sent by his master, Lord Renwick, to confuse our people by triggering impulses of black on black violence. This prooves that the EFF is working towards being the modern day Inkatha of our times. Monopoly in simple terms means a majority share. We need to ask oursleves which sector of society does the Gupta’s or Indian business have monopoly over and by what percentage? If whites own 97% of the business listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and blacks own only 3% where does so called Indian Monopoly factor in?

As the BLF – and guided by the wisdom of our revolutionary father Bantu Steven Biko – we call upon our Indian brothers and sisters to reject the backward tribalistic Indian consciousness of Gandhi for the Black Consciousness of Biko and Strini Moodely. It is only by defeating white supremacy through black solidarity that we can truly realize a society and country that is genuinely free. It is only in freedom that black can become beautiful without tribalism.

Rupert Television wants blacks divided so that white monopoly capital can be strengthen and perpetuated. Biko’s black consciousness – currently kept alive and practiced by BLF, needs there to be solidarity between blacks to destroy white monopoly capital. ENCA needs to survive. They can’t be entertaining enemies of white monopoly capital that in turn owns it!

14 September 2017

Issued by BLF, National Secretariat for Political Education

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