Biko lecture in KZN was a resounding success

Biko lecture in KZN was a resounding success

Black First Land First in KwaZulu-Natal (BLF (KZN)) acknowledges the great support of the communities of Mayville and the surrounding areas towards making the #BikoLecture such a great success in the Wiggins Community Hall on Saturday, 23 September 2017.

The main lesson of the #BikoLecture, which was delivered by our National President Andile Mngxitama, is that facilitating this revolution via the medium of black consciousness (BC) is indispensable. To this end the teachings of our revolutionary father of Black Consciousness, Steve Bantu Biko, is very crucial. BLF (KZN) has accordingly committed itself to continue with the struggle, guided by BC, for the total liberation of our people through land expropriation without compensation!

BC reminds us, as indicated in the #BikoLecture, of the following:

1. Slavery, colonialism and apartheid have never ended in this country. It just disguised itself through the various institutions including the media and the economy – which are all controlled by the very same perpetrators who have inflicted oppression on black people since their arrival here on ships! Hence the people must not be mislead by the propaganda of the white owned media. The state was captured in 1652 by land thieves who have used the wealth that was meant for black people to operate as white monopoly capital!

2. President Jacob Zuma and the Guptas did not steal R26 billion from the South African Reserve Bank! They do not own over 80% of the land and 97% of the economy as indicated in the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). They do not exploit the mineral resources of this country and use black people as cheap labour – white people do! We must continue to support President Zuma who has made the most significant call, that no other sitting President of this country has made since 1994 – expropriation of land without compensation! The President has decided to fight imperialism by taking back the land – we must fight with him!

3. Any solution to black people’s problems – such as poverty – that does not begin with addressing the land question, is a false solution.

We are grateful to the hundreds of people who attended the #BikoLecture by our President who was warmly received with cheers, honor and ululation. It is evident that the people believe in BLF as the vanguard of the black liberation struggle guided by BC.

BLF (KZN) acknowledges the SABC who provided media coverage at the lecture, local BLF members, the student movement and volunteers. We are furthermore grateful to the entire national structure of the movement who attended and participated with the spirit of Biko!

Free the mind, take the land!


25 September 2017

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Thobani Zikalala
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Lwazi Ntombela
(Provincial Chairperson)
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Tiki Shabane
(Provincial Secretary )
Cell: 0736370053


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