BLF to take action against DA for abuse of power

Black First Land First (BLF) will take action against the racist Democratic Alliance (DA) for abuse of power. The DA and its coalition partners, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), claim to stand for good governance and are against corruption. This is a lie. The DA in the Johannesburg metro have reduced state institutions into the violent tools of the DA. The march to the Gupta private family home was illegal and meant to abuse the rights of that family on behalf of white monopoly capitalists like Johann Rupert and Maria Ramos.

The march was not processed in terms of the law and the police allowed marchers to even jump on fences of the private home. BLF is pleased that the people of South Africa can see how abusive and corrupt the DA is. Imagine if they were to run the country.

BLF notes that the police who a week before the illegal DA march had opened fire on peaceful BLF marchers without warning, were so tolerant of the DA marchers who were blatantly breaking the law. This shows that the police, including the Public Order Police, are captured by the DA.

BLF has briefed its lawyers to lodge a high court application this week. The application seeks a declaratory order as follows:

1. That the DA abused its powers in granting itself the permission to march without following the law.

2. That the DA has contravened two court decisions (SANEF and Oakbay) that barred protests at private homes.

3. That disciplinary action be taken against members of JPMD, in particular officer Nkuna, for abusing his powers as a policeman.

4. That the Johannesburg metro be ordered to state explicitly in the rules governing protests that private homes are off limits.

5. That the Public Order Police contravened their own process in shooting with rubber bullets members of BLF who were sitting peacefully at the park after the march.

BLF will also lodge a complaint with the IPID against the police who injured its members. BLF will lodge a complaint with the public protector to investigate the abuse of power by the DA in Johannesburg.

The DA is a corrupt and violent party which claims to be for the rule of law but its actions show that it’s a rogue racist party which doesn’t care for the law in pursuing its racist agenda in defence of white monopoly capital. The DA knew it was breaking the law when it marched to the Gupta family home but it didn’t care. It’s a dangerous development that the DA is using the police as its private army. This must be stopped pronto. BLF is aware that just a month ago the police under DA murdered two land occupiers in Lenasia. The DA has turned the police into its rogue unit.

BLF shall also write to the Minister of Police, Fikile Mbalula, to take action against the reckless police who seem to take instructions from white monopoly capital. The police opened fire on BLF after getting instructions from two white men in a private car. BLF demands that the police who shoot us with rubber bullets face disciplinary action and be put on suspension immediately.


8 October 2017

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