BLF will take the SANEF matter to Appeals Court

Today the same and racist and hostile Judge which presided over the BLF/SANEF case denied Black First Land First (BLF) the right to appeal. BLF will take the SANEF matter to Appeals Court.

BLF regards this as a political attack on our movement. The judge hopes that the irrational decision will stay and not be challenged. This is an irrational decision because it seeks to condemn the leadership of BLF in perpetuity. The judge disregarded the fact that the delays in lodging the right to appeal was caused by her own office. Furthermore, the judge launched a political attack on our movement.

BLF believes that this judge has taken a clear stance to defend white monopoly capital. The judge hopes we would not have the resolve and resources to take the matter to the next court. BLF has already briefed its lawyers to prepare to take the matter to Appeals court in Bloemfontein.

We shall not rest until this matter is resolved and we shall not allow ourselves to be lynched through the judicial process. BLF knows that our courts are untransformed and this is a test case to show indeed that our courts are biased against black people, in particular those who fight for true liberation.

In South Africa murderers, rapists and convicted criminals have a right to appeal. It is therefore strange that a matter such as this is not being allowed to be by heard by a different court.
This judge wants to finish us off in a court. This will be resisted.



30 October 2017

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