Beware of EFF games!

Today Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) directed by its handlers, the Italian mafioso Mazzotti and the British imperialist Lord Robin Renwick play a dangerous game with Radical Economic Transformation (RET) in parliament.

Mazzotti and Renwick have instructed EFF to go to parliament together with the anti RET arm of the ANC to turn the call for RET into a political football game.

The nation must remember the last time EFF undermined the call by President Zuma for land expropriation without compensation through teaming up with reactionary elements such as Jackson Mthembu, Derrick Hanekom and Pravin Gordahn to undermine that call in parliament.

Today EFF will cynically propose a motion to support RET – all calculated to make sure that the ANC anti-RET faction will oppose this.

This political game will then be used to try to suggest that President Jacob Zuma is not serious about RET.

Black First Land First (BLF) believes that EFF, Jackson Mthembu, Pravin Gordahn and other anti-RET elements are all colluding in a conspiracy to undermine RET and this will manifest today in parliament.

The proposal by EFF today is designed by white monopoly capital and supported and coordinated by the Italian mafioso and also British imperialism. This is how the try to undermine RET. If EFF is serious about RET, all it needs to do is to express its support for President Jacob Zuma’s call for RET; the call for the Mining Charter; and the call for land expropriation without compensation. These do not need stupid games in parliament. All it needs is a meeting of revolutionaries where a united front for RET would be called for.

BLF supports a genuine move for RET that is why on the 18th of November 2017 it will hold a RET rally in support of Radical Economic Transformation Now!

We support President Zuma. We also support candidates in the ANC that are for RET.
It is sad that what is going to happen in parliament it is a game that is meant to confuse our people – it is a game that is meant to undermine RET.

We call on our people to be alert. We ask our people to be aware of the agenda of white settler monopoly capital in cahoots with western imperialism including the Italian paymasters of EFF that are going to come today in parliament.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)
7 November 2017

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