BLF North West demands justice for the racist murder of Tebogo Ndlovu by Matthew Benson

BLF North West demands justice for the racist murder of Tebogo Ndlovu by Matthew Benson

The Majakaneng shooting case, concerning the murder of Tebogo Ndlovu on a farm in North West by the white man Matthew Benson on 2 August this year, is expected to continue this morning the 7th of November 2017 in the Brits Magistrate’s Court. Tebogo Ndlovu’s body has not been found and the Ndlovu family has been subjected to a traumatic long wait for the recovery thereof. Tebogo’s murder is one of the many barbaric crimes that landless blacks are frequently subjected to by racist white farmers in the North West and indeed in the whole country.

BLF does not have faith in courts of law that have largely shown to favour whites and the white system in general. There is overwhelming evidence, which a thorough investigation should easily reveal, that Benson is guilty of the crime of murder which was committed in the full view of the public. The police must do their job. They are evidently showing bias in favour of the murdering farmer. We acknowledge that individual acts of racism like that of Benson will not be eradicated until the root of racism which is historical land theft by whites is addressed. To this end the most appropriate redress is for Benson to be expropriated of all land in his hands and to be thrown in prison for life.

BLF will continue to show support for the Ndlovu family and the Majakaneng community, and ensure that Benson and all other racist whites like him get the penalty that is befitting of their racist crimes.

Land or Death!

Issued by the Provincial Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First, North West (BLF PCC- NW)

7 November 2017

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(BLF North West Chairperson)
Jerry Mngxitama
Cell: +2761 180 1385

(BLF North West Secretary)
Itumeleng ‘Mtuyedwa Thekiso
Cell: +27 62 881 0520


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