Ramaphosa must step down!

Ramaphosa must step down!

Black First Land First (BLF) calls on Cyril Ramaphosa to immediately step down as the Deputy President of the country. This call comes after the paradise papers have yet again confirmed that Ramaphosa is involved in grand corruption. The paradise papers show that during the time when Ramaphosa was a non executive board member of MTN, billions of rands were illegally removed from South Africa (SA) into tax heavens abroad. Also, under Ramaphosa’s tenure at MTN, billions of rands were taken from African countries through tax evasion and the illegal movement of money abroad.

Ramaphosa has lied to the nation by saying that he stands against tax evasion and the illicit flow of funds from African countries. Now it has come to light that he is lying and is least concerned with the legal processes of protecting national assets. Ramaphosa is part of the corrupt team that is guided and aided by white monopoly capital and his standing as Deputy President of the country serves to facilitate further corruption.

We urge Parliament to immediately call on Ramaphosa to account for his criminal activities which involve him forming a gang with white monopoly capital to steal.
Ramaphosa is not a fit and proper person to be the Deputy President of the country. Our country is in a stranglehold of serious corruption right now including at the instance of white settler monopoly capital in cahoots with western imperialism and we cannot afford to have a Deputy President who is implicated in corruption. Ramaphosa must step down and clear his name to show that he is serious about anti corruption.

We note that other elements of white monopoly capital such as Standard Bank are also deeply involved in corruption and have been exposed by the paradise papers as well. Ramaphosa must lead by example and must step down immediately and let his name be cleared through a process of public investigation and accounting. We cannot tolerate corruption from any quarter.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)
7 November 2017

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Zanele Lwana
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(National Spokesperson)
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