BLF Women: We Stand With Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) have come out guns blazing in protection of their imperial masters, namely Lord Robin Renwick, Johann Rupert and white monopoly capital, as locally expressed in South Africa.

We are not surprised that the EFF is at the forefront of opposing the broadening of the terms of reference of the judicial commission of inquiry into state capture. We know that the EFF are sellouts and have been bought to spread the propaganda that the only people who are corrupt and destroying this country is the Gupta family and President Jacob Zuma.

We know that the EFF will not take this country forward because they have been bought by white supremacists who give them their orders. The EFF also constantly gives political power to white political parties such as the Democratic Alliance (DA) because they want to aid their masters with entrenching white power in society.

We, the women of the Black First Land First (BLF) movement say, the time for a political space where men are used to calling the shots and making political decisions without being subjected to conditions where they have to work with women who are competent and cognizant of how politics and society function, is over.

BLF takes inspiration from the Public Protector, Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane, for her bravery and the daring attitude she has expressed in investigating white corruption – corruption which predates the democracy of this country.

We say no amount of howling and insults directed at the Public Protector are going to stop the fight to deal with the corrupt legacy of colonialism in this country. A fight which has powerful women at the centre of the struggle.

In the statement attacking Mkhwebane, the EFF continuously demand for her to “shut up”, a patriarchal message used historically to discipline and subjugate women further. We realise that male leaders in the EFF are characterised and entrenched in a culture of not listening to any women’s voices and not looking at women as equal comrades.

We are not those that the EFF has managed to silence, we are not those they are trying to silence within their movement. We firmly stand with Advocate Mkhwebane, we are not moved and we are not going to be shaken.

The silence of the EFF’s feminists is not surprising. We understand that they have normalised being reduced to “flowers of the revolution”.

We would further like to warn society that we are at war as a country and the battle lines are drawn: you are either for white monopoly capital and imperialism or you stand with Advocate Mkhwebane to dismantle the legacy of colonialism and apartheid plunder.

We are ready for the judicial commission of inquiry into state capture in this country to expose the descendants of Cecil John Rhodes and Jan van Riebeeck, so that they can finally be brought to book.


11 January 2018

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