BLF stands with President Zuma 100%!

BLF stands with President Zuma 100%!

Former President Jacob Zuma is being persecuted for his stance on Radical Economic Transformation (RET). White Monopoly Capital (WMC) had captured the top leadership of the African National Congress (ANC) at its elective conference in Nasrec in December last year and is now hunting down and punishing all the RET forces. The persecution of Comrade Zuma is done at the instruction of the Stellenbosch mafia.

Black First Land First (BLF) has always maintained that President Zuma is a victim of a conspiracy by WMC. Imperialism and its local arm, WMC, are fighting Comrade Zuma because he alone has used the office of the State President to spearhead radical policies including:

1. strengthening the BRICS block,
2. withdrawing South Africa from the International Criminal Court (ICC), which is a kangaroo court,
3. launching the RET agenda,
4. announcing free education,
5. announcing Land Expropriation Without Compensation,
6. calling for black unity to defeat WMC and return land.
7. amending the Competition Act so as to enable the law to hold corporate thugs personally liable for corruption, and
8. launching the Revised Mining Charter which gives blacks 30% ownership in 12 months and prescribes over 50% black ownership in respect of procurement.

The above are some of the measures that has angered and terrified WMC. That’s why schemes are hatched to try and intimidate the forces of RET which have been unleashed by President Zuma.

BLF will be taking many actions to expose the hypocrisy of the criminal justice system and how the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is captured. We will be educating the people about what the white agenda against Comrade Zuma is, including the evil scheme to deny him legal fees.

BLF stands 100% with President Zuma.


26 March 2018

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