BLF-SM calls on all students to support the President of Free Education

BLF-SM calls on all students to support the President of Free Education

Black First Land First Student Movement (BLF-SM) calls on all students to come out in their numbers to support former President Jacob Zuma as he faces the antiblack racist courts.

Comrade Jacob Zuma is facing lynching by white monopoly capital (WMC) for being a pro-black president; the custodian of radical economic transformation (RET); as well as for giving free education!

WMC is not happy. It has responded by making our poor parents pay for Comrade Zuma’s free education to the nation. To this end value added tax (VAT) has been increased to 15% as an appropriate punishment.

We note that we have received free education at a time when students around the country are facing the white justice of the courts. In this regard they frequently stand trial on bogus charges; are subjected to unfair trials; are generally prejudiced in their rights as accused and arrested persons; often receive shockingly harsh sentences; spend unreasonably long periods of time in police custody awaiting trail; and are even placed under house arrest for no compelling reason. Moreover, many students experience suspensions and expulsions and to this end an infringement of their right to education.

The oppressed in this context must unite and defend not only the student warriors and all revolutionaries but also all black people. As black students who have led this struggle for free education we shall continue to defend this gain and prevent its reversal. We know that key to this task is the solidarity of the oppressed. We commit ourselves towards realizing this solidarity. To this end we shall defend our president who gave us free education. The struggle continues.

Today we call on the black oppressed, particularly the students and beneficiaries of free education, to take to the streets on Friday the 6th of April 2018 in defence of Comrade Zuma at the Durban High Court where he faces empty charges concocted in service of WMC. We stand by our President of Free Education, 100%!

Issued by Black First Land First Student Movement (BLF-SM)

05 April 2018

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