BLF warns ANC – topple Supra and see hell in North West

BLF warns ANC – topple Supra and see hell in North West

Media reports indicate that the African National Congress (ANC) has resolved to remove the North West (NW) Premier Supra Mahumapelo. Black First Land First (BLF) cautions the ANC leadership to desist from succumbing to sponsored intimidation failing which it must not hide behind the mayhem sponsored by white monopoly capital (WMC).

It’s a known fact that the ongoing violence in the NW Province is sponsored by the Stellenbosch Mafia. They want Mahumapelo gone so that the looting of state resources can be deepened and the capture of the NW provincial government by WMC can be effected without any hinderance.

BLF warns the ANC against setting a precedent which will unleash hellfire in the NW Province. It’s a costly mistake to think that the faction which is currently burning property has monopoly over violence. Removing the popular Mahumapelo will lead to a total burn-down of the province. Whoever is seconded by WMC to subsequently run the NW Province will rule over ashes.

BLF warns the ANC leadership – do not touch the Premier of NW. If you ignore this warning, you should prepare for hellfire to descend upon that province!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee of (BLF NCC)

3 May 2018

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