NPA stop the reign of terror against the Zuma family!

NPA stop the reign of terror against the Zuma family!

This morning, Duduzane Zuma appeared before court with leg irons on his ankles. These were put on for the media to feast and to create the impression that he is the devil incarnate. This treatment is not about justice but is a calculated move to intimidate and humiliate. The state has been cajoled into being white monopoly capital’s tool for open warfare against the Zuma family. The white monopoly capital media provides the justifications for these attacks.

Black First Land First (BLF) unreservedly condemns this reign of terror against the Zuma family. BLF believes this open hostility is a direct function of pleasing white monopoly capital. The treatment reserved for Duduzane Zuma is vindictive and spiteful, and it is not about justice, but about revenge and settling scores. The spectacle is aimed at sending a message to all the opponents of Stellenbosch and London.

Mass murderers like FW de Klerk are treated with respect and are protected by the same state institutions now persecuting Duduzane Zuma and his father. Self confessed criminals like Adriano Mazzoti are roaming around freely. Markus Jooste is on holiday after corruptly costing the state about R20 billion on the Steinhoff corruption scheme.

BLF considers the actions of the whole criminal justice system calculated to inflict maximum terror against perceived enemies of white monopoly capital. This is the beginning of the subversion of the state to serve sectional interests. Dictatorships don’t end well.


09 July 2018

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