Duduzane Zuma will not get a fair trial in South Africa

Black First Land First (BLF) is convinced that Duduzane Zuma is a victim of a political vendetta. The Cyril Ramaphosa administration, pressured by Pravin Gordhan, white monopoly capital and land thieves like Afriforum, is abusing the state to settle political scores.

BLF believes none of the cases that Duduzane Zuma faces will be determined by a fair evaluation of evidence. The judicial processes have been contaminated by political hatred and desire for revenge. The treatment that Duduzane Zuma has received since he arrived in South Africa last week to bury his younger brother shows beyond reasonable doubt that the state is prejudiced against him only because he is the son of Mr Jacob Zuma.

BLF now believes that alternative dispute resolution mechanisms should be explored in the culpable homicide case against Duduzane Zuma. BLF is sympathetic to the Dube family who lost their loved one in an accident involving Duduzane Zuma in 2014. The racist, right-wing Afriforum has inserted itself in the matter by putting pressure on the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) to prosecute Zuma. This has prejudiced the matter.

The Dube family deserves justice. The tragic incident involving the loss of life of their loved one, Phumzile Dube, must not be used to settle political scores. Land thieves must not be allowed to use the grief of the Dube family to try divert attention from the task of returning the land.


10 July 2018

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