BLF charges whites for annual murder of 20, 000 blacks

BLF charges whites for annual murder of 20, 000 blacks
Today we remember Steve Biko’s teachings. Black First Land First (BLF) put the blame for the annual murders of about 20,000 black people squarely at the doorstep of white people of South Africa. You created the conditions that has turned the ghetto into a slaughter house. You created hell on earth for us and heaven for yourselves.

The annual murder rate is a direct creation of colonialism, apartheid and white supremacy. Without changing this evil system of power there is no hope for peace. We live in the middle of a war zone. The lives of black children are cut short systematically. The racist distribution of land and wealth ignites fights at alarming rates of death amongst the dispossessed.

Like Steve Biko, we charge the entire white community for the murders in the townships and squatter camps.
Biko, looking at crime in the black township, said:

“Township life alone makes it a miracle for anyone to live up to adulthood. There are situations of absolute want, in which black will kill black to be able to survive. This is the basis for vandalism, murder, rape and plunder that goes on while the real source of evil – white society – is sun-tanning on exclusive beaches or relaxing in their bourgeois homes.”

Biko was clear about who the real cause of evil is in black lives. The black condition is a creation of white people. BLF echoes Steve Biko and equally says that the 20,000 black people murdered annually is a direct creation of whites.

Whites need to repent, pay reparations and return our land. Only then shall peace return to black people.

BLF commits itself to fight until black people are liberated and peace is returned to our lives.

Land or death!

Issued by Black First Land First, National Coordinating Committee (BLF NCC)

12 September 2018

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