BLF stands with Venezuela against US interference

BLF stands with Venezuela against US interference

BLF supports Venezuela’s rejection of United States (US) interventionism, as announced by President Nicolas Maduro at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) this Wednesday. To this end we note the apt invocation of the revolutionary spirit of Simon Bolivar who led many struggles in the region against Spanish colonialism.

We condemn with contempt the US sponsored assassination attempt on President Maduro’s life during August this year; and the devastating economic embargo and diplomatic isolation of Venezuela – which are all part of the agenda to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela.

We are also appalled by the reactionary regimes of Latin America – from that of Michel Temer of Brasil and Orlando Hernández of Honduras to Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico and Mauricio Macri of Argentina – who submit to the dictates of the capitalist imperialist US government of Donald Trump against the government and people’s of Venezuela.

As the storm rages in Venezuela, BLF boldly raises the flags of Comandante Chávez in internationalist solidarity. We are anti-imperialist. We stand in defence of the revolutionary government of President Nicolás Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution.

In this context the remarks of President Maduro made during the 73rd session of the UNGA is published below:

“ We have been called to work and address a vital issue that has been titled “Making the UN relevant to all”, a high and noble goal.

We are sure that the 21st century will set the tone for processes of human and political liberation, for the liberation of peoples that will have an important impact on the future of the UN.

Today Venezuela comes to tell its truth (…), I bring the voice of a country that has refused to surrender to injustice and to empires throughout history.

I bring the voice of the people who have the honour of being the cradle of the great liberator Simón Bolívar.

Venezuela is at once cradle and a school of republican values.

The US president of North America once attacked the noble people of Venezuela, following the doctrine which founded the United States empire 200 years ago.

Venezuela is the victim of permanent aggression in economic, political, diplomatic and media aspects by those who govern the United States of North America.

They wield the Monroe Doctrine to justify the aggression against our beloved homeland from an ideological, political and diplomatic point of view.

Economically, Venezuela has been subjected to a series of illegal, unilateral measures of economic persecution in the past two years (…), we have been prevented from using the international currency the U.S. dollar.

A migratory crisis has been manufactured by different means, aiming to divert the attention from real migratory crises that exist around the world.

The seriousness of the migration crisis caused by the destruction of Libya by NATO will not be addressed.

Yesterday we bore witness to how the US president made direct threats to withdraw aid, international support and aid systems for the governments and peoples of the world that need it.

The US president threatened the governments of the world to submit to his designs, to his orders and to collaborate with his policies in the United Nations system or else he would act accordingly.

I would like to ask the United Nations system to appoint a special delegate to conduct an independent international investigation on the implications and perpetrators of the terrorist attack of August 4.

Despite the immense historical, ideological, and social differences (…), despite all the differences, I would be willing to shake hands with the president of the United States and to sit down to talk about bilateral and regional issues.

It is those who have differences in this world who have to put their good will on the table (…), President Donald Trump has said he is concerned about Venezuela, I am willing to talk with an open agenda on all issues.

Venezuela is a country that advocates and commits itself to the construction of a multipolar, pluripolar and multicentric world. There isn’t  just one economic model. We cannot allow a unique economic model, a single thought to be imposed.

200 years ago our region was plagued by colony, 100 years ago we struggled as peoples for freedom and today in the 21st century the opportunity has arrived.

Today, Venezuela is stronger than ever, we have known how to resist, we are standing and ready to continue advancing in the construction of a social model of our own, that of the socialist revolution of the 21st century, we say it to the four winds.

I trust in the human being and in the future of humanity (…), from Venezuela we say to the UN we trust in the noble ideals of the Venezuelan people that will not surrender”.


Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)

28 September 2018

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