BLF On The Dros Sexual Assault: This Is War

BLF On The Dros Sexual Assault: This Is War
Black First Land First (BLF) takes the sexual assault of a 6 year old black child by the racist settler colonizer Nicholas Ninow as a crime against the humanity and dignity of the innocent child and in addition all black children. Therefore this was an act of war against all black people.

BLF is appalled by the impunity enjoyed by settler colonizers in this country. Thousands of black women, men and children have been subjected to sexual violence at the hands of white men and women without concequences. Every single one of these violations are acts of warfare, racist deliberate attempts to weaken and kill the black collective and are often rewarded by the media, the government and the law with protection.

BLF also notes the subdued reaction from mainstream voices of gender-based violence. This is because the perpetrator is a white man. We are appalled by how the mainstream press quickly rushed to protect the rapist. Furthermore we condemn the cowardly black men who found the terrorist and didn’t do what they would have done if it was a black man. BLF calls on blacks to defend themselves and get justice.

BLF recognizes that this is not an isolated event, that the assault on the 6 year-old black child by the racist peadophile Nicholas Ninow, who allegedly confessed to have done it before, is not an enigma. He is a true reflection of all white males. A species that is dangerous, enabled and racist. His actions and those of other white men are sanctioned by racist organisations like Afriforum and also by the complicit ANC government that has let settlers get away with crimes against humanity.

BLF is aware that another racist peadophile, Collan Rex was convicted of sexually assaulting more than 20 boys at Parktown Boys High School. Furthermore we have not forgotten about apartheid ministers and businessmen who kidnapped and raped black children in Bird Island near Port Elizabeth. We have not forgotten how Eugène Terre’Blanche and his cabal raped farm workers and their children for years until Chris Mahlangu ended the terror and hacked Blanche to death with a machete.

This and the numerous unreported violations that happen in Orania, in farms where our people are subjected to sexual slavery, in suburbs and places of work, where white men’s acts of violence against black people have continued to go unnoticed, is evidence that white people have declared war. BLF calls for poetic justice. White men can not continue to be empowered to sexually assault black people without consequences.

BLF will be undertaking several actions in retaliation against Nicholas Ninow and his ilk, firstly by demanding that Dros Restuarant pay reparations to the family of the child and close shop. BLF will make submissions to the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into state capture regarding the criminal actions of the paedophile ring indicated in the book ‘The Lost Boys of Bird Island’, which amount to state capture. BLF will further engage in protest action and do all else that may be necessary to get real justice.

We caution that all our rights are reserved and shall be optimally utilized in the event of the government and parliament not acting favorably as urged.


30 September 2018

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