BLF rejects Ramaphosa’s investment fraud

BLF rejects Ramaphosa’s investment fraud

The presidency of Cyril Ramaphosa is based on selling dreams to the poor, the hungry and the unemployed. Ramaphosa is no better than the pastors who feed the destitute snakes and dog meat. His latest bogus miracle is the so called investment pledges in terms of which white monopoly capital has supposedly committed R290 billion to the economy. Ramaphosa says that from these pledges jobs will flow. Black First Land First (BLF) says, it’s all lies! There will be no jobs and the pledges are bogus because they amount to money obtained from the people in the first place.

The truth is that Ramaphosa, assisted by Pravin Gordhan, has given white monopoly capital an unlawful gift to the tune of R1.4 trillion! This criminal state capture process was undertaken soon after Ramaphosa became president and placed Jeff Radebe in the position of Minister of Energy so as to speedily conclude agreements with twenty seven (27) white monopoly capital Independent Power Producers (IPPs). The companies which took R1.4 trillion from the poor have now turned around and claim to be heroes for pledging back only R290 billion. This is a scam!

The reality is that the IPPs will lead to over 40 000 job loses by black people. It is black people who will suffer. This is the “new dawn” of Cyril Ramaphosa. There will be no economic growth. The cost of living is raising everyday from petrol to value added tax (VAT). The investment pledges are a cruel joke on the poor. It’s a fraud and a scheme to deceive the poor and unemployed.

BLF calls on Cyril Ramaphosa to stop playing games and implement the resolutions on Radical Economic Transformation (RET) without any further delays.

Issued by the National Coordinating Committee of Black First Land First (BLF NCC)
28 October 2018

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